06.11.2019 - New article in Energies on the perspectives of informed citizen panels in Geneva and Zurich on the Swiss electricity mix 2035

The results of the MSc thesis of Alexane Dubois and Simona Holzer from the MUSE (Master of Science in Environmental Sciences at the University of Geneva) are now available in EnergiesAlexane and Simona investigated how information about electricity technologies and their sustainability impacts can change citizens’ preferences and affect for the complete Swiss electricity mix 2035. The citizens received information as factsheets and, during workshops, discussed in groups and built their preferred electricity mix using an interactive tool. The informed citizen panel (N = 33) in Geneva showed high support for domestic renewable technologies and end-use efficiency, as well as low support for net electricity import, natural gas, and nuclear power. Preferences and affect for unfamiliar technologies changed after receiving information and remained stable even in the longer term four weeks after. Preferences and affect for already familiar technologies, like hydropower, barely changed. The same procedure in Geneva and Zurich (N = 46) enabled the identification of robust support for renewable technologies and efficiency with only minor context-specific differences.


Full reference

Dubois, A., Holzer, S., Xexakis, G., Cousse, J., Trutnevyte, E., 2019. Informed Citizen Panels on the Swiss Electricity Mix 2035: Longer-Term Evolution of Citizen Preferences and Affect in Two Cities. Energies 12, 4231.

November 6, 2019