23.10.2018 - Dr. Theresa Knoblauch wins the Best Paper Award in Risk Analysis for 2018

Dr. Theresa Knoblauch, a former PhD student of Prof. Trutnevyte, wins the Best Paper Award for 2018 in Risk Analysis. Risk Analysis is the journal of the Society for Risk Analysis and it is a focal point for publishing critical empirical research dealing with risk issues. 

The winning paper reports results of an empirical evaluation of risk communication materials for low-probability high-consequence risk of induced seismicity, uncertainty and expert confidence related to deep geothermal systems. The study shows that the public would appreciate efforts in describing such risks with numbers and optionally risk comparisons. However, there seems to be a trade‐off between aiming for transparency by disclosing uncertainty and limited expert confidence, and thereby decreasing clarity and increasing concern in the view of the public. Intriguingly, the technology for which the risks are communicated and its acceptance matter strongly: the identical risk communication was perceived less trustworthy and more concerning when the respondents were told that this information refers to shale gas instead of deep geothermal systems.

Knoblauch, T. A. K., Stauffacher, M., & Trutnevyte, E. (2018). Communicating Low-Probability High-Consequence Risk, Uncertainty and Expert Confidence: Induced Seismicity of Deep Geothermal Energy and Shale Gas. Risk Analysis38(4), 694–709.

October 23, 2018