31.05.2019 - New article in Environmental Modelling & Software on interactive web-tools for scenario visualization

The results from our research on interactive web-tools for scenario visualization are now available in Environmental Modelling & Software. We conducted a between-groups experiment, where two groups of participants (total N = 313) differed in the scenario information received: (1) an interactive web-tool for exploring a large database of Swiss electricity scenarios 2035 and their environmental, health, and economic impacts; (2) a website presenting four of these scenarios with storylines. Results indicate that our interactive web-tool did not lead to benefits in self-reported understanding and engagement. In fact, participants using the interactive web-tool performed worse in an understanding quiz than those using the four scenarios. These unexpected findings call for more empirical research whether interactive tools for scenario visualization meet the needs of intended users.


Full reference

Xexakis, G., Trutnevyte, E., 2019. Are interactive web-tools for scenario visualization worth the effort? An experimental study on the Swiss electricity supply scenarios 2035. Environ. Model. Softw.

May 31, 2019