Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN)

Electronic lab notebooks (ELN) are computer programs designed to replace paper laboratory notebooks. Many softwares and web-applications are available on the market. 

The diversity of research interests, workflows and individual preferences makes it practically impossible to identify a single product that would suit everyone. 

 The DLCM team has produced practical guidelines on how to introduce ELN and LIMS in an academic research laboratory.

The University of Harvard has compiled a list of ELN and produced a usefull comparative table of various ELN. 

You can look at a list curated by DLCM of the ELNs and LIMS available on the market

At UNIGE, several labs in life sciences are using RSpace. Contact us if you need more information.

If you are working in Humanities, you may consider using Transkribus to help you transcribing documents.

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