Reuse data

Do you want to reuse data from another project? Make sure it's possible and consider under what conditions.Here are some common cases presented in a decision tree:


1Legal exceptions for research

Currently, for scientific research, the Copyright Act (CopA) authorizes the reproduction of works when it is necessary for a technical process, allowing the practice of text & data mining. But this provision does not cover making available or sharing the reproduced data afterwards. It can also be contradicted by a possible contract with the data provider. The other exceptions in the Copyright law (strictly personal use, educational use and reproduction for internal information and documentation purposes) are not admissible in the context of a research project or group.

Pay attention to personal or sensitive data

If the data you are reusing includes personal or sensitive data, be sure to take into account the legal obligations and ethical considerations associated with this type of data. In particular, be careful when reusing data from your previous projects in the context of a new research project: you must ensure that the participants have given their consent to the reuse of their data.