New version of the Research Data website

Since its creation in 2017, the Research Data website has continued to evolve and expand in response to changes in the research environment and the needs of UNIGE researchers.

Over the past few months, the Research Data team has been working on adding and updating content as well as redesigning the organisation and navigation of the site, always with the objective of supporting and optimising the management of the UNIGE community's research data.

The result of this effort has recently been put online. This new version has been designed to be more ergonomic and to facilitate navigation and the discoverability of content.

The navigation bar reflects these changes with the reorganisation and addition of new tabs :

  • The bar retains its original organisation with a tab dedicated to each stage of the research data life cycle, with content proposed for each stage. In order to have a direct overview of the information offered, a carousel has been added to the home page.
  • The Services & Support tab (formerly "UNIGE at your service") brings together the training and services offered by the Research Data team. The new heading "UNIGE data ecosystem" points to a page listing the internal data-related initiatives and services available to the UNIGE community.
  • The About tab contains a brand new glossary that will allow you to access definitions of terms specific to research data management as well as resources to explore them further. Don't see the term you're looking for? Contact us and we'll be happy to add it.

The homepage now features a carousel for each stage of the research data lifecycle, as well as the latest news and upcoming training courses.

The footer has also been redesigned to provide a list of shortcuts to the most used resources, and to highlight the different ways to contact us.

We hope you enjoy this new version and that it will provide you with all the information you need.

Do not hesitate to send us your feedback by e-mail to  researchdata-info(at)

December 7, 2021