Do you know Yareta?

The new workshop "Publish your research data with Yareta" guides you through the how and why of making your research data available in Yareta, UNIGE institutional repository. This computer-guided workshop gives you the opportunity to quickly put into practice the concepts presented and to directly experiment with the tools.

Description: Would you like to publish data related to your research or your publication? Does your funding agency require you to open you data and to make them available in a repository following the FAIR principles? This workshop will give you an introduction to Yareta, UNIGE institutional repository.

Audience: PhD students, post-docs, researchers, teaching staff and PAT.

Prerequisites: none


  • Practical workshop of 1h30
  • Mandatory registration


  • Know the advantages of making your data available in a repository
  • Check the relevance of a repository to your needs
  • Understand the FAIR principles and be able to determine if a repository is FAIR
  • Deposit a dataset in Yareta
January 24, 2020