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Most research agencies have introduced policies on research data management.

The general principle is that publicly funded research data are a public good and therefore should be made as openly available as possible.

In these regards, funders have published policies regarding data management. You can find information about over 100 different funders (including international funders) on the SHERPA/JULIET website.

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Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

Multi-Year Programme 2017-2020 - SNSF

The SNSF comments on research and funding policy issues which are relevant to its funding activities: Research Policies

December 2016


Data Life-Cycle Management (DLCM) Project

National Strategy

Programme CUS 2013-2016 P-2 «Information scientifique: accès, traitement et sauvegarde»

Programme 2017-2020

The Swissuniversities’s aim is to make scientific information a domain in which Swiss universities meet requirements together instead of competing with one another.

Targeted funding of collaborative projects is designed to help strengthen the Swiss scientific community’s position in the face of international competition.

December 2016

EC - Horizon 2020 - ERC and Marie Sklodowska-Curie

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Guidance on data management plans

Infographic explaining EC data sharing requirements

Beneficiaries of EU funded projects under the Work Programme 2016 and earlier could opt-in, on an individual and voluntary basis, to the Horizon 2020 Pilot on Open Research Data in order to facilitate access, re-use and preservation of research data generated during their research work. Beneficiaries choosing this option should carefully check the additional obligations that apply to projects that opt-in to the Pilot as described in Article 29.3 of the Model Grant Agreement under Horizon 2020.

As of the Work Programme 2017 the Pilot on Open Research Data is being extended to cover all thematic areas of Horizon 2020 and open access becomes the default setting for the research data generated. The beneficiaries may still opt out at any stage, freeing themselves from any obligations regarding the open access to digital research data generated in the action.
December 2016


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The NIH considers that a performant Data sharing system allows best translating the results of research into the knowledge, the products and the procedures needed for improve of human health. December 2016