What to deposit?

What to deposit in a repository?

Definitively deposit

  • original data sets, original software code, raw data obtained from analysis of physical samples, observational data that can not be regenerated
  • data sets that are not original but that are not easily available online and that you have permission to share for social science data, include study descriptions, codebooks, and summary statistics

Maybe deposit

  • intermediate versions of analyses or code if they are potentially useful to others or were used in publications or theses

Not necessary to deposit

  • incomplete, non-functional, or intermediate versions of code that would be of marginal usefulness to others
  • output files from analyses if
    1. the data set and code used to generate the output are deposited and
    2. regenerating the output from the deposited files is fairly easy to do
  • data sets that are preserved and accessible via other institutions or organizations
  • graphs or charts created from the original data that could easily be regenerated

Do not deposit

  • any data that contains personal identifying information for human subjects


  • Output files from analyses may be deposited if they are time-intensive to regenerate or are not excessively large, or can not be easily recreated from the deposited data set and code.