Training & Lectures

If you have specific needs, we are happy to come into your lab /department to give customized trainings on any of these topics related to reserarch data management:

  • organize your data
  • choose your data repository
  • store your data properly
  • write a data paper
  • prepare your data management plan
  • know your copyrights and choose the appropriate license
  • get an overview of what electronic note books can do
  • ...

library trainings

DMP Trainings

Other Trainings


Other Training Programs


Download the slides of the workshop How to fill the DMP of the SNSF?

Download the slides from the lectures of the 4th Sept. 2018 during the Talk with the SNSF

Download the slides of the Midi de l'info Sharing your data? (spring 2019)

Access the slides of the SOPSI's Open Science Day, (July 1st, 2019)

Download the slides of the Managing research data as a junior scientist workshop from the transversal PhD Library Camp of Graduate Campus (September 2020)