Federico D'Onofrio


Federico is fellow of the London School of Economics. His research focuses on the interaction between statistics and policy-making. His book Observing Agriculture in Early Twentieth-Century Italy: Agricultural economists and statistics (2016) describes the making of Italian agricultural statistics in the early 20th century, insisting on the negotiated and diverse nature of such statistics. His most recent work deals the International Institute of Agriculture and international statistics of the Interwar. He has also also been writing on 18 century Neapolitan political economists and their relationship with power. Federico runs a blog dedicated to different conceptions of economic development:


Research Interests

History of statistics

Economic history

Agricultural history

History of Economics

Selected Publications


- D’Onofrio, F., (2016), Observing Agriculture in Early Twentieth-Century Italy: Agricultural Economists and Statistics, London and New York, Routledge.


Publications in peer reviewed journals

-  D’Onofrio, F. (2018) “La nazione meglio polita: buon governo e costituzione economica della Cina alla scuola di Genovesi,” Società e Storia, 161, pp. 471-497.

-  D’Onofrio, F., (2017) “Agricultural figures: the politics of numbers at the International Institute of Agriculture,” in Agricultural History Review, 65-2, pp. 227-296.

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