Paul Maneuvrier-Hervieu



After getting a Master’s Degree in Medieval and Modern History, I started my PhD in 2015 at the University of Caen-Normandy. My thesis contributes to the literature on the long-term development and consequences of various shocks on a regional economy. I have built several datasets on food riots, trade, industries, wages and prices. I have also been investigating the effects of the Eden-Treaty on the process of industrialization. In addition, I am contributing to the literature on the origins of the French Revolution and the debate on its economic consequences. Since September 2018, I have been working at the University of Geneva as a teaching assistant in economic history for Bachelors students.


Research Interests

Modern History

Wages and Living Standards

European Economic History

Slave Trade

Teaching - Bachelor

Introduction à la démarche scientifique


Introduction à l'histoire économique générale