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Carlo Edoardo Altamura is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Economic History Department (School of Economics and Management Studies) at Lund University. Altamura obtained a dual PhD from the University of Geneva and Uppsala University. Before joining Lund University, he was a Visiting Scholar at the Faculty of History of the University of Cambridge (01.2016-03.2017) and a Visiting Professor at the Centro de Estudios Historicos, El Colegio de México (03.2017-08.2017), thanks to the Eugène Choisy and Charles Borgeaud postdoctoral fellowship from the Société Académique de Genève.  He is an Associate Member of the Paul Bairoch Institute of Economic History at the University of Geneva and a Life Member of Wolfson College, Cambridge. He is the author of European Banks and the Rise of International Finance: the Post-Bretton Woods Era (London and New York 2016). His interests lie in post-war international financial history in the West and in the developing world.

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Oil Crises and Petrodollars


East Asian and Latin American Economic History

International Political Economy



Selected Publications


European Banks and the Rise of International Finance: The Post-Bretton Woods Era, Routledge, London and New York, 2017.



“The Paradox of the 1970s: The Renaissance of International Banking and the Rise of Public Debt” in Hartmut Berghoff and Laura Rischbieter (eds.), Living on Easy Credit: Public Debt and Financialization in the Western World after 1945, Special Issue of the Journal of Modern European History, C.H. Beck Publishers, Munich, forthcoming Fall 2017.

“A New Dawn for European Banking: The Oil Crisis and the Rise of Interna- tional Banking”, Zeitschrift für Unterhehmensgeschichte/Journal of Business History, C.H. Beck Publishers, Munich, Nr/1 2015.* Also featured in ‘Selected Abstracts from International Business History Journals’, Business History Review, Vol. 89 (Winter 2015), 749–759.

“L’innovation dans la banque à travers les âges”, Revue Banque et Stratégie, No. 316, July-August 2013.

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“Banking and Financial Sector” (with Y. Cassis and M. Larsson) in Youssef Cas- sis, Andrea Colli and Harm Schröter (eds.), The Performance of European Business in the 20th Century, Oxford University Press, London and New York, 2016.



Book Review of Edward Morris, Wall Streeters: The Creators and Corruptors of American Finance, Columbia University Press, New York, 2015, Business History, forthcoming.

Book Review of Chia Yin Hsu, Thomas M. Luckett and Erika Vause (eds.), The Cultural History of Money and Credit. A Global Perspective (Lexington Books, 2016), Business History Review, forthcoming.

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Book Review of Shizuya Nishimura, Toshio Suzuki & Ranald Michie (eds.),The Origins of International Banking in Asia (Cambridge University Press, 2012), Economic History Review, 67, 1 (2014), 317-319.


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