Luisa Gagliardi



Phd in Economics,  Assistant Professor at the University of Geneva since February 2016 and Research Affiliate to the LSE’s Spatial Economics Research Centre (CEP-SERC) and to the Research Centre for Regional Economics, Transports and Tourism (CERTeT) at Bocconi University.  Previously LSE Fellow in the Department of Geography and Environment at the London School of Economics.

CV (english)


Economic Geography

Local Labour Markets

Economics of Innovation and Technological Change

Multinational Corporations



Teaching - Bachelor

Economics of Inequality and Redistribution

Territorial Economics


 Teaching - Master

 Spatial Economic Analysis




2011-2014. EU 7th Framework ProgramPolicy Incentives for the Creation of Knowledge: Methods and Evidence (PICK-ME)”, EU Directorate for Research. Grant Agreement no. 266959, PI: S. Iammarino.

2012-2013. European Investments Bank - StareBEI Project “Built to last: development policies and socio-economic foresight in the cities of Europe”, PI: M. Percoco.

Selected Publications

Gagliardi, L., Percoco, M. (2016). "The impact of European Cohesion Policy in urban and rural regions", Regional Studies (doi: 10.1080/00343404.2016.1179384).

Gagliardi, L., Marin, G., Miriello, C. (2015). “The greener the better: Environmental friendly technological change and job creation in Italy”, Industrial and Corporate Change, forthcoming (doi: 10.1093/icc/dtv054).

Crescenzi, R., Gagliardi, L. Iammarino, S. (2015). “Foreign multinationals and domestic innovation: Intra-industry effects and firm heterogeneity”, Research Policy, 44: 596–609.

Gagliardi, L., Lemos, S. (2015). “Evidence on Immigrants’ Assimilation into Recipient Labour Markets using UK Longitudinal Data between 1981 and 2006”, Journal of Economic Geography, forthcoming (doi:10.1093/jeg/lbv009).

Crescenzi, R., Gagliardi, L., Orru’, E, (2015). “Learning mobility grants and skill (mis)matching in the labour market. The case of the Master and Back Programme”, Papers in Regional Science, forthcoming (doi:10.1111/pirs.12155).

Gagliardi, L. (2015). “Does Skilled Migration Foster Innovative Performance: Evidence from British Local Areas”, Papers in Regional Science, 94(4): 773-794.