Mary O'Sullivan



Mary O'Sullivan est professeure ordinaire à l’Université de Genève depuis août 2010. Ses recherches portent sur l'histoire du capital, des industries et des entreprises, et l'histoire comparée du développement économique. Son nouveau livre, Dividends of Development: Securities Markets in the History of U.S. Capitalism, 1866-1922, a été publié par Oxford University Press en 2016. La Professeure O’Sullivan était un Fellow au Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin de septembre 2016 à juillet 2017.

CV (english)

Research Interests

Capital & capitalism

Enterprise and industrial history

Financial history

Comparative history of economic development of advanced economies

Institutional economics

Political economy

Research Projects

September 2016-August 2019. Humanities in the European Research Area, Uses of the Past in International Economic Relations (UPIER). One of the many exceptional aspects of the global financial crisis of 2008 was the prominence policy-makers and commentators gave to the importance of history in helping to determine responses to the crisis...  Plus

Project leader (P1): Catherine Ruth Schenk (University of Glasgow)

Enseignements - Bachelor

Projet de recherche en Histoire


Histoire économique internationale


Introduction à l'histoire économique générale


Enseignements - Master

Capitalisme et entreprise





Working Papers

Mary O’Sullivan, “Power & Profit: Copper Mines and Steam Engines in Late 18th Century Cornwall”, Paul Bairoch Institute, Economic History Working Papers, No 2/2021 [pdf].

Mary O’Sullivan, “Past Meets Present in Policymaking : The Federal Reserve Act and the US Money Market, 1913-1929”, Uses of the Past in International Economic Relations (UPIER) Working Paper Series, vol. 6, December 2018. [.pdf]


Selected Publications

Mary O'Sullivan, "Constructing a big history of inequality", Histroy Compass, 2022. [pdf].

Mary O’Sullivan, “History as Heresy : Unlearning the Lessons of Economic Orthodoxy”, The Economic History Review, 2021. [pdf].

Mary O’Sullivan, Jonathan Marie, Matthieu Montalban et Agnès Labrousse, “History, Economics and Society: Dividends of Development, Dividends of Interdisciplinarity: An interview with Mary O’Sullivan”, Revue de la regulation: Capitalisme, institutions, pouvoirs, 28, 2018. [.pdf]

Mary O’Sullivan, "The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Capitalism", Enterprise & Society, Winter 2018. [.pdf]

Mary O’Sullivan, "A Confusion of Capital in the United States" in Pat Hudson and Keith Tribe (eds.), The Contradiction of Capital in the Twenty-First Century: The Piketty OpportunityAgenda Publishing2016. [.pdf]

Mary O’Sullivan, Dividends of Development: Fits and Starts in the History of U.S. Securities Markets, 1865-1919, Oxford University Press, 2016.

Mary O'Sullivan, "Yankee Doodle went to London: Anglo-American Breweries & the London Securities Market, 1888-1892", Economic History Review, 2015, Vol. 68, no. 4, pp. 1365-1387. [.pdf]

Mary O'Sullivan, "Capital: The Blind Spot of Capitalism: Capital in the 21st Century by Thomas Piketty, translated by Arthur Goldhammer", American Historical Review, 2015, Vol. 120, no. 2,  pp. 564-566. [.pdf]

Mary O’Sullivan, "A Fine Failure: Relationship Lending, Moses Taylor, and the Joliet Iron & Steel Company, 1869–1888", Business History Review, 2014, vol. 88, no. 04, pp. 647-679.