Advanced Research Seminar (IHEPB)


Since its creation in 1970, the research seminar has been a magnet for many prominent social and economic historians. The seminar meets approximately six times per semester. Its sessions enable lively exchanges on recent and ongoing research in economic history undertaken at both the international and national level.



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Monika Dommann, Universität Zürich 7 March
 « Material flow: a history of logistics in places where it is stationary » M3220
Leonardo Weller, São Paulo School of Economics 14 March
"Polity and Sovereign Debt: The Political Economy of the Baring Crisis » M3220
Maria Fusaro, University of Exeter 11 April
« Risk Management and Transaction Costs: General Average Long History and its Potential for
Sustainable Development »
Jutta Wimmler, University of Bonn 25 April
Exploitation or Welfare? Working for the woollen manufacturer Königliches Lagerhaus Berlin in
the mid-18th century »
Marie Houllemare, Université de Genève 7 May
"Justices d’empire. La répression dans les colonies françaises au XVIIIe siècle » MR150
Marc Morgan & Gianandrea Nodari, Université de Genève 16 May
"General Policy vs. British Policy. The Evolution of Keynes’ International Monetary Plan »

This conference is co-organized with the Geneva History Seminar

Trevor Burnard, University of Hull 23 May
Plantations, Capitalism, Environmental Change, and Enslaved Resistance in the Caribbean,
1640-1791 »




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