"Health in a Global context", online meeting, 6 october 2020

LERU will hold an online meeting entitled “Health in a Global context: Advocating for Global Health: creating synergies for Global Health Research and Innovation:  An interdisciplinary approach to stress the relevance of translating research and scientific findings into policy recommendations and informed management decision making in times of Global Health crisis”.

The meeting aims to discuss the key questions related to Global Health in terms of topics, key actors, challenges and opportunities. We would like to provide key information to key stakeholders regarding the why, the what and how to work on Global Health from a practice and research perspective (mainly in Europe and also outside Europe). This meeting will also be an opportunity to line up multidisciplinary Global Health experts on the various Global Health related policies, programmes and funding streams (such as pandemics-COVID-19) and mechanisms that the EC is currently developing to prioritize health of the citizens of Europe and those living in other places in the world, as well as health-related research.


The specific expected results are to:

  • Building effective and consensual narratives on Global Health;
  • Maximizing the benefits and interlinkages between Global Health and SDGs, the European Green Deal and WHO priorities.


Date of the meeting:  Tuesday 6 of October (from 11:00h to 14:30h CET - lunch time included) via Zoom. Register at this link:
















































16 juillet 2019