Masters in English

Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability

The MIHDS stems from a partnership between the University of Geneva and organizations from International Geneva in the framework of the
implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This highly multidisciplinary Master's degree aims to train students to analyze problems and identify innovative solutions in terms of the governance of sustainability. The curriculum contains a high proportion of practical courses (project workshops), but also fundamental courses on sustainability development in all its dimensions (social, economic, and environmental). This Master's programme was created in partnership with Tsinghua University (Beijing). Students can apply either to the Dual or the Single track. The Dual track links two complementary programs, one in Geneva and the other in Beijing (minimum 1 year each), to earn two diplomas after two and a half years of study. Students of the Single track (UNIGE diploma) are required to do an exchange semester at one of the partner universities (currently Tsinghua, Bogotá, Dakar, Exeter, Lund, Medellín, Pisa, Sydney, Yonsei).


  •  Sustainable Human Development
  •  Sustainable consumption, production and organizations
  •  Future cities and regions



The assets of the master

The Master's program in Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability (MSc IHDS) stems from a partnership between the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and International Organizations present in Geneva, focusing on the implementation of the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Students will learn about international organizations and their strategic activities for the SDGs. Members of the UN system, global NGOs and State or regional administrations are strongly involved in the teaching and mentoring of students. Courses and workshops take place in the heart of International Geneva - the biggest concentration of international organizations in the world. This ecosystem provides many opportunities for internships.

The Master's degree comprises a high proportion of hands-on teaching. Half of the time is devoted to workshops during which students are invited by external partners (IGOs, NGOs, etc.) to address practical issues and challenges related to SDGs. Projects or practical cases are carried out in groups and supervised by mentors from these external partner organisations and UNIGE teachers and advisors. The outputs of the workshops are presented during public sessions.

Some of these workshops are combined with fieldwork, either in the Geneva region or abroad (San Francisco and Kenya in 2018; Dakar and Indonesia in 2019; Athens in 2020; Dakar in 2021).


4 semesters (max. 6 semesters) | 120 ECTS credits


Compulsory core courses

24 credits

  •  Sustainable Development and Political Innovation
  •  Workshop 1: Innovation for Sustainable
  • Development
  •  Research and Innovation Methodology


Elective core courses

12 credits

  •  Human Development, Concepts and Measures
  •  Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  •  Education and Culture for Sustainable Development
  •  Public Policies for Spatial Justice, etc.



30 credits

  •  1 Compulsory Workshop per Specialization (12
  • credits)
  •  1 Compulsory Course per Specialization (6 credits)
  •  Specialisation electives (12 credits)



30 credits

1 year at Tsinghua University (Dual degree)

1 semester at a partner university (Single degree), University of Exeter, Lund University, Universita degli, Studi Pisa, Université Cheikh Anta Diop/Dakar, Tsinghua University (Beijing and Shenzhen), Yonsei University, University of Sydney, Universidad Los Andes/Bogota, EAFIT/Medellin


Master's thesis or Internship's thesis/report

24 credits

Applications will be open on 1 January. Deadline for application: 28 February

Links to the SDG Dual Degree Track in Tsinghua University (“SDG-MPP”) 

Wide range of Bachelor's degrees, including, but not limited to, Political Science, Economics, Geography, Environment, Information Technologies, Engineering, or Applied Sciences.

English language certificate.

Merit-based admission.



Information :

Single Degree Track: Tuition fees at UNIGE are 500 Swiss francs per semester, except for the semester spent abroad (65 Swiss francs). No fees required from the partner university for the exchange semester.

Dual Degree Track: Tuition fees at UNIGE are 500 Swiss francs per semester, except for the semesters spent abroad (65 Swiss francs per semester). At Tsinghua University, tuition fees are 120’000 RMB, plus 800 RMB (Administrative fees).