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Jacques MICHELET, collaborateur scientifique

Jacques Michelet joined the University of Geneva in 2009, after completing his PhD in Geography on the change of paradigm in Swiss regional policy. He is a lecturer in economic geography, territorial economy, territorial policies and GIS. In his teaching activities, he enjoys conveying results from his applied research in the fields of territorial research and policy design.


His fields of interests include collaborative research, regional development, database and cartography. His competences within these fields have been applied in the various ESPON projects the University of Geneva has been involved in. He has an established track record in international project coordination, dialogue among transnational project groups and spatial information management. He also has particular experience with the compilation and processing of pan-European datasets for ESPON, as well as with the production of GIS mapping files and layouts.  Jacques also produced the first publicly available GIS map of Europe’s 119,400 local administrative units, under a creative common license.



Territorial development in mountain areas is a specific field of interest. Jacques Michelet was part of the expert team in charge of the Federal strategy for mountain regions and rural areas in Switzerland. He also works as an independent consultant, with projects in the fields of spatial planning, cross-border co-operation and regional development.







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