Description of the photographic collection

The Victor Bérard - Fred. Boissonnas collection held at the Centre d’iconographie de la Bibliothèque de Genève comprises 2027 glass-plate negatives in 9x12cm and 13x18cm formats, as well as 1192 reference prints in the form of  contact sheets mounted on cardboard, and 406 slides.  Some scenes consist of two, three or four variations, and we have selected from this ensemble 600 images to be georeferenced.

Each image was numbered and captioned by the photographer. This metadata is accessible by way of contextual windows linked to each photograph presented here.

The archive of the Centre d’iconographie also conserves a collection of photographs taken by Alice Bérard at the beginning of the 20th century (721 film negatives).

The entirety of the Bérard-Boissonnas collection is furthermore available via the catalog of the Centre d'iconographie de la bibliothèque de Genève which also handles requests for digital copies, and to whom requests to view the originals should be directed. The Center also curates the collections from the studios of the Boissonnas photographers, including the images taken by Fred Boissonnas.