Surmonter la vulnérabilité face au chômage

Possibilités et limites des politiques sociales dites « actives ». NCCR LIVES IP5

The NCCR LIVES relies on an extensive conception of vulnerability, focusing on life as a whole and on all social, political, economic, etc. processes and parameters that interfere during the individuals’ life span. IP5 focuses on the question of unemployment, which is for some individuals a major life course risk with long-term negative consequences for their well-being and life chances. The investigation aims (a) to scrutinize to what extent social integration policies are effective at protecting vulnerable people from the deleterious consequences of unemployment and (b) to understand the consequences for vulnerable people of the definitions of work and integration underlying these policies, in particular from a gendered point of view. The scope of the project is to analyze the effects of social integration policies on life chances and the ability to live a valued life.
IP5 aims to understand to what degree social policies allow people to get more control on the course and events of their life, to enlarge the opportunities available to them as well as their access to living conditions, forms of social recognition, and ways of beings and doings that they consider as valuable. Empirical research has been focusing mainly on the situation of vulnerable unemployed young people in the canton of Vaud.

Website: https://www.lives-nccr.ch/fr

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