Making Capabilities Work

« Making Capabilities Work» (WorkAble) provides knowledge on how to enable young people to function as capable citizens in the labour markets of European knowledge societies. Based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative analyses of the perspectives and strategies of all relevant actors, WorkAble pursues three main objectives within the framework of six Work Packages. It aims to deliver evidence-based knowledge that will:

  1. Extend young people’s capabilities to function as fully participating active citizens in emerging European knowledge societies;
  2. Promote skills and competencies in young people that are conducive to improving the economic productivity and competitiveness of Europe;
  3. Develop transversal strategies integrating central economic, educational and social issues in order to close the capability gap for the young.

The WorkAble consortium consists of 13 partners from different disciplines (educational science, sociology, economics, philosophy, political science and social work) in 10 European countries, applying the capability approach as a common heuristic framework.

Website: http://www.workable-eu.org/

Quelques publications et activités issues du projet :