InCite’s Authors Meet Critics


March 25th 2021, 5 pm (CET)

Sioned Pearce (University of Cardiff) and Sarah Pickard (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle) will discuss

Young People and Long-Term Unemployment. Personal, Social, and Political Effects (see the book)

Marco Giugni, Jasmine Lorenzini, Manlio Cinalli, Christian Lahusen, and Simone Baglioni.

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The Institute of Citizenship Studies is happy to invite you to its second online “Authors meet critics”. Sioned Pearce and Sarah Pickard will provide insightful critiques to the book “Young People and Long-Term Unemployment. Personal, Social, and Political Effects” recently published in the Youth, Young Adulthood, and Society series at Routledge. The book examines the consequences of long-term unemployment for the personal, social, and political lives of young adults aged 18–34 across four European cities: Cologne (Germany), Geneva (Switzerland), Lyon (France), and Turin (Italy). Adopting a multidimensional theoretical framework aiming to bring together insights based on the contextual (macro), organizational (meso), and individual (micro) levels, and combining quantitative and qualitative data and analyses, it reaches a number of important conclusions. First, our study shows that the experience of long-term unemployment has a negative impact on different dimensions of young people’s lives. When compared to employed youth, unemployed youth are less satisfied with their lives, more isolated, and less independent financially. Second, however, there are important variations across the four cities. This means that, in spite of widespread retrenchments, in some places the welfare state still acts as a buffer against unemployment. Third, although young unemployed people participate in politics equally if not slightly more than employed youth, the young unemployed are often disconnected from politics. This is so even when they have important grievances to express in the face of high youth unemployment, precarious working conditions, and grim future perspectives on the labor market.


December 9th 2020

Jennifer Earl (University of Arizona) and Katrin Uba (Uppsala University) discuss

Contention in Times of Crisis. Recession and Political Protest in Thirty European Countries. 2020. Edited by Hanspeter Kriesi, Jasmine Lorenzini, Bruno Wueest, and Silja Häusermann. Cambridge University Press.