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Justin Veuthey is interested in disaster prevention: what individuals and collectivities can do to reduce the risk of catastrophes before hazards come along. He is a strong believer in the adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” He is concerned with issues of poverty, marginalization, and social capital, while also being increasingly interested in how emerging technology is changing societies in different parts of the world. 

Justin was a journalist for several years before getting involved in international cooperation. He has studied and worked in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. After working with the Swiss government's humanitarian aid agency as well as small NGOs, he completed a PhD in geography focusing on how subsistence farmers in the Philippines were preparing for natural hazards. During his doctoral research he had the pleasure of living and working in remote parts of the Filipino archipelago for two years. (If you are interested in reading his PhD thesis, you can find it HERE).

After getting his PhD he worked in Canada for the Asia Pacific Foundation, Radio-Canada, and Royal Roads University. He was until recently a visiting researcher at Shandong University (山东大学) in China. Currently working on a book about the socio/historical/political aspects of Disaster Risk Reduction. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Canadian Journal of Emergency Management as well as the Swiss government's Swiss Humanitarian Aid (SHA).

Justin holds a PhD in Geography (University of Montreal - 2016), a Master of Arts in International Development Studies (University of Geneva - 2007), and a Bachelor of Arts in Geography with an Environmental Minor (McGill University - 1998).


Latest papers & presentations:

Duvernay, PG., Couche-Franquet, M., Hayman, M., Veuthey, J. (2023). Social enterprises as effective exit strategies for development NGOs: Case of Bilada in Burkina Faso. Development in Practice.

Nogueira, R., Veuthey, J. Nigro, M., Voillat J., Thior, M., Tigalbaye, C., Bazirutwabo, B. (2021). Can Locally Produced Chlorine Improve Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) Indicators in Health Care Facilities (HCF) in Rural Chad? Health Sciences and Disease.

Bian, Q., Han, Z., Veuthey, J., Ma, B. (2021). Risk perceptions of nuclear energy, climate change, and earthquake: How are they correlated and differentiated by ideologies? Climate Risk Management.

Veuthey, J. (2021). Should the West be worried about Chinese 5G innovations? Technology, sociology, and disasters.. Institut de recherches sociologiques de l'Université de Genève. (Youtube video in English, 43 min.). Les déjeuners sociologiques.

Han, Z., Xin A., Veuthey, J. (2020). How is COVID-19 Being Contained in China? An Observational Study on the Local Level. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness.

Gong, Z., Veuthey, J., Han, Z. (2020). What makes people intend to take protective measures against influenza? Perceived risk, efficacy, or trust in authorities. American Journal of Infection Control.

Liu, J., Han, Z., Veuthey, J., Ma, B. (2020). How investment in public health has impacted the prevalence of tuberculosis in China: A study of provincial variations between 2005 and 2015. The International Journal of Health Planning and Management.