Michael Deml

Dr. Michael J. Deml

Associated Researcher


Michael J. Deml, Associated Researcher, holds a PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Basel and a Master of Arts in Sociology from the University of Geneva. For the academic year of 2020-2021, he co-taught the Master student research workshop “La crise du coronavirus à l’épreuve d’un retour d’expériences sociologiques multidimensionnel” in conjunction with Prof. Mathilde Bourrier, Postdoctoral Scientific Collaborator Leah Kimber, and Assistant Alexandrine Dupras.

Michael was involved in PAN-FIGHT: Improved Risk Communication during Pandemics, a comparative study analyzing the risk communication strategies and risk mitigation strategies around COVID-19 in 5 countries (Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom): https://www.uis.no/en/improved-risk-communication-during-pandemics

He also co-leads a junior research initiative, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation's National Research Programme 74, with Katharina Tabea Jungo, PhD, MSc from the Bern Institute for Family Medicine (BIHAM) and the University of Bern entitled Continuity in Primary Care for At-Risk Populations during the COVID-19 Epidemic in Switzerland: A Mixed-Methods Study

Michael has obtained Early Postdoc.Mobility funding through the Swiss National Science Foundation for a research stint of 18 months at the University of Cape Town in the School of Public Health and Family Medicine in the Division of Social and Behavioural Sciences from September 2021 to February 2023. He is studying the implementation of COVID-19 vaccination programs in the South African context through the project entitled: Prevention, Planning, and Policy: A COVID-19 Vaccine and Beyond.

For a more detailed CV, including some of Michael's various research outputs and media engagements, please consult this document.

In the media & recorded conference presentations

Continuity of care during the COVID-19 pandemic: Qualitative results from a mixed-methods study. European Public Health Conference. Session 2.1 - Oral presentations: The impact of COVID-19 on health services. November 10, 2021. 

Understanding global vaccine hesitancy. October 11, 2021. University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, USA

Vaccine hesitancy at the Swiss TPH Virtual Symposium 2021: Global Health in the 21st Century: 29 June 2021

L'hésitation face à la vaccination à l'ère du Covid-19: Un regard sociologique

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