Pierre-Yves Wauthier

M. Pierre-Yves Wauthier

Chercheur associé


Sociology | Anthropology


PhD in Sociology from the Universities of Geneva and Louvain (2020), and Master in Social Anthropology, Pierre-Yves Wauthier is currently a member of the Institute for the Analysis of Change in Contemporary and Historical Societies (Louvain, Belgium).

He developed a scientific interest in the diversification of family forms as a manifestation of recent major cultural shifts in Western societies. His topics of research encompass uncertainties in relationships, attachment bonds, sexualities, dwellings and family functions in "liquid societies".

He specialized in ethnomethods, speech analysis and socio-semiotics, in order to hightlight social construction of human-human and human-environment interactions. He has also developped skills in life course analysis and Widmer's configurational approach of family studies.

His doctoral dissertation on "deconjugalized families" is to be published  in OpenAccess (Peter Lang edition | Population, famille et société Vol. 36 | 2022 ). He is also the author of a monographic essay on the meaning of couple’s formation in a social context of more frequent break-ups and serial monogamies: “Mon Partenaire en un éclair. Un anthropologue en Speed-Dating” (Academia-L’Harmattan Edition, 2015).

He is a guest lecturer at Ecole des Sciences de la Famille et de la Sexualité (University of Louvain) and at the Certificat en Sexologie Clinique (University of Geneva).

 List of publications available here.