One of our researchers among the 1% most cited

Each year, Web of Science, a scientific and technical information platform, publishes a list of the «Highly cited researchers», collecting researchers appearing as the 1% of most cited scientist in scientific journals. Pascal Oesch, from our Department, has entered the 2020 list the has just been revealed.


Pascal Oesch research is focused on understanding the build-up and assembly of the first generations of galaxies. Working on very deep images taken by space telescope Hubble (in visible) and Spitzer (in infrared), and on submillimetre data, he studies with his group the evolution of galaxies through cosmic ages.

"Our Department is very proud of this great recognition awarded to one of our researchers.", says a happy Francesco Pepe, director of the Department. "Pascal Oesch is an active contributor to the very dynamic and productive environment we benefit from at the Department of astronomy, and which brings us to the forefront of research in astronomy and astrophysics! All our colleagues join me in warm congratulations to him!"

"It is an honor to be included in this list, and very motivating.", says Pascal Oesch. "Our scientific work is always a group effort, and so this is also a tribute to the many outstanding collaborators that I have had the pleasure to work with over the last 10 years or so.C'est un honneur d'être inclus dans cette liste, et très motivant."

December 7, 2020