File formats


In this directory, you will find the tracks corresponding to the latest grids. Their output spectrum are available here, and the isochrones generated with the new models are available here. So far, only the solar metallicity is available.

There are four types of files:

The names of the evolution files give information on the model considered:

  • the mass stands after the M (M085: 85 M; M2p5: 2.5 M);
  • the metallicity stands after the Z (Z14: Z=0.014; Z02: Z=0.002);
  • the rotation rate stands after the V (V0: no rotation; V4: V/Vcrit=0.40)

The names of the isochrone files give the following informations:

  • the metallicity stands after the Z;
  • the rotation rate considered is indicated after the V;
  • the log (age) stands after the t.

The names of the spectra files give the following informations:

  • the related model, with the same naming convention as above;
  • the time-step number in 7 digits;
  • the Tsurf and log(L/L) of the model at that time step;
  • the type of data provided:
    •  full spectrum = spec;
    •  normalised spectrum = norm;
    •  continuum only = cont.

The names of the X-UV evolution files give the following informations:

  • the name of the host star of the planetary system;
  • the initial value of the surface rotation rate;
  • the type of rotator.

Meaning of the columns in the evolution file

1 model number    
2 age [yr]   
3 M [M mass 
4 log(L/L)   luminosity 
5 log(Teff) [K]  effective temperature corrected for the wind thickness (WR) 
6 1H [mass fraction]  surface abundances 
7 4He 
8 12
9 13
10 14
11 16
12 17
13 18
14 20Ne 
15 22Ne 
16 26Al 
17 Mcc  [M/Mtot convective-core mass 
18 log(Teff) [K]  not corrected 
19 log( [M yr-1] mass loss 
20 log(ρc [g cm-3 central density 
21 log(Tc [K]  central temperature 
22 1 [mass fraction]  central abundances 
23 4He  "
24 12
25 13
26 14
27 16
28 17
29 18
30 20Ne 
31 22Ne 
32 26Al 
33 Ωsurf  [s-1 angular velocity at the surface 
34 Ωcentre  [s-1 angular velocity at the centre 
35 Rpol/Req    oblateness 
36 FΩ    correction to due to rotation
37 Vcrit,1  [km s-1 first critical velocity (Ω-limit) 
38 Vcrit,2  [km s-1 second critical velocity (ΩΓ-limit) 
39 Veq  [km s-1 equatorial velocity 
40 Ω/Ωcrit    fraction to the critical rotation 
41 ΓEdd    Eddington factor 
42 log (mech [M yr-1 mechanical mass loss at the equator 
43 tot  [1053 g cm2 s-1 total angular momentum



Meaning of the columns of the isochrone files

1 Mini [M] initial mass
2 Zini   initial metallicity
3 V/Vcrit   initial rotation rate
4 M [M] current mass
5 log(L/L)   luminosity
6 log(Teff) [K] effective temperature corrected for the wind thickness (WR)
7 log(Teff) [K] " not corrected
8 Mbol   bolometric magnitude
9 MV   V-band magnitude
10 U-B   colour index
11 B-V   "
12 B2-V1   "
13 Rpol [cm] polar radius
14 Rpol/Req   oblateness
15 log(gpol) [cm s-2] polar gravity
16 Ωsurf [s-1] angular velocity at the surface
17 Veq [km s-1] equatorial velocity
18 Vcrit,1 [km s-1] first critical velocity (Ω-limit) 
19 Vcrit,2 [km s-1 second critical velocity (ΩΓ-limit) 
20 Ω/Ωcrit   fraction to critical rotation 
21 log() [M yr-1 mass loss 
22 log(mech)  [M yr-1] mechanical mass loss at the equator
23 ΓEdd   Eddington factor 
24 1H [mass fraction]  surface abundances 
25 4He
26 12C
27 13C
28 14N
29 16O
30 17O
31 18O
32 20Ne
33 22Ne
34 26Al



Meaning of the columns of the spectra files

1 λ [Å] wavelength
2 F [erg cm-2 Å-1 s-1] flux at 1 kpc


Meaning of the columns of the X-UV evolution files

1 age [yr]  
2 log(L/L) [erg/s] Decimal logarithm of the stellar luminosity, normalised to the solar value
3 log(Teff)   Decimal logarithm of the effective temperature
4 Ω [s-1] Surface rotation rate
5 Ω/Ω   Surface rotation rate normalised to the solar value
6 LX [erg/s] X-ray luminosity
7 LXUV [erg/s] XUV luminosity
8 LEUV [erg/s] EUV luminosity