Thibaut Dumont

M. Thibaut Dumont

PhD student

+41 22 379 23 67

Subject of the PhD : Transport processes in solar-type stars


I work on the stellar evolution code STAREVOL (Geneva-Montpellier). I focus my research on the study and constrain of the transport processes (chemicals and angular momentum) inside solar-type stars. This work is based among others on the constraint of the Lithium depletion and on the rotation evolution of solar-type stars.

I also participated in the optimisation of STAREVOL with the implementation of a valid formalism for the atomic diffusion and with the implementation of additional transport processes (penetrative convection, tachocline, etc).


PhD in co-direction : Prof. Corinne Charbonnel (Université de Genève) and Dr. Ana Palacios (Université de Montpellier, LUPM - France)