Alberto Saldana

Alberto Saldana

PhD student

+41 22 379 24 38


Alberto is  PhD student at the Astronomy Department working under the supervision of Prof. Schaerer, revealing the physical properties of high-z reionization galaxy candidates. He received both his MSc. Degree in Astrophysics (2018-19) and his BSc. Degree in Physical Science from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM, 2014-2018). As part of his MSc. thesis, he has been working as a Young Research Assistant at the UCM High Energy Group  (UCM-GAE), with the project 'Empirical determination of the Extragalactic Background Light using panchromatic galaxy-SED selected from HST-CANDELS survey'. He has actively collaborated in the photometric data-set treatment of the DESI survey (Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument) at DES-CIEMAT group (Madrid). Apart from Astronomy, he has carried out long internships periods in the Laser Processing Group (CSIC-Madrid)  and the Ultrafast Bio- and NanoPhotonics group (INL-Postugal).

Research Interests

  1. High-z galaxy photometric/spectroscopic surveys (HST-CANDELS, VIMOS-VANDELS...).
  2. Multi-wavelength Astronomy and galaxy-SED characterization.
  3. Galaxy evolving cosmological properties (CSFH, LFs, SMFs...).
  4. Star-forming galaxies and sources of cosmic reionization (strong Ly-alpha, LyC emitters...).
  5. Observational Astronomy and Instrumentation.
  6. Extragalactic Background Light (EBL) observational modelling.
  7. Large Scale Structure surveys (DES, DESI...).