Nami Mowlavi

Dr Nami Mowlavi

CU7 Deputy Manager / Specific Object Studies

Ecogia Pavillon P006
+41 22 379 21 94
+41 22 379 21 33

obtained his PhD in 1995 at the French University of Brussels, Belgium, on the structural and chemical evolution of Asymptotic Giant Branch stars. He continued his research as a postdoc in the Stellar Evolution group at the Geneva Observatory until 1999. At that time, he joined the High Energy Astrophysics team of the Observatory at the ISDC in the preparation of the INTEGRAL mission. He was responsible to set up and coordinate the real time operations at the ISDC. In 2007, he joined the Gaia team for the preparation of the analysis of variable stars.

Current Activities

  • Nami is coordinating the analysis of specific variable objects within the Gaia Coordination Unit 7 on Variability Processing and Analysis.
Research Interests
  • Nami’s initial interests have been the structural and chemical evolution of stars, particularly of low- and intermediate-mass stars, and the modeling of those stars. His interest has broadened to include the analysis of stellar variability, and in particular of objects whose variability results from their secular evolution, allowing us to witness their evolution in real time. He is also interested in stellar populations and Galactic structure, in the reduction of astronomical images, and in the analysis of time series.