Krzysztof Nienartowicz

Mr Krzysztof Nienartowicz

DPCG Manager / CU7 Data Architect

Ecogia Pavillon P111
+41 22 379 21 65
+41 22 379 21 33

Krzysztof during his computing studies joined Primark Corp (Thomson Financial now) in 1997, where he worked on the global integration of several databases with economical time series – the biggest repository at the time (Disclosure, WEFA, DRI, Datastream). After moving to CERN in 2001, he co-authored parallel system to migrate Compass and Harp experiments data from Object Database to Relational backend, emerging the largest relational database used at CERN til nowadays. He partook in EGEE project, has been involved in Biomed applications for GRID (security and DICOM interfacing) and GRID metadata projects. His responsibilities in Gaia are related to vastly understood data management architecture, including design the large data processing framework for CU7, spanning data mining solutions Gaia based on distributed database architectures, integration of data access of CU7 all software, advocating new data analysis tools and technologies and choosing policy for data handling in long run. Krzysztof’s CV
Current Activities
  • Data handling architecture for variability processing in CU7
  • Data import and publishing software infrastructure for other surveys that CU7 is building knowledge upon
  • Data handling expertise for other Gaia activities
  • Data analytics toolset for scientists
  • Supervised and unsupervised Classification framework design and implementation management for CU7
Research Interests
  • Ranging from Very Large Databases – including Distributed Databases, Time Series Databases and Time Series data mining, parallel and distributed systems to queueing systems, systems integration and software engineering.