Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Sensors



Our group aims to understand and develop chemical principles and materials for the realization of analytical sensing tools. We use electrochemical and optical readout principles for this purpose. A major direction is the realization of electrochemical and optical triggering of reactions and extraction processes: we aim to move from passive sensing systems to activated ones, where we gain full control about the time the sensing reaction takes place. With this in mind, we are developing controlled current protocols for speciation analysis of ions, coulometric thin layer principles for the realization of calibration free sensors, and optical triggering of extraction events for caged compound analogs.

We also develop and deploy integrated voltammetric sensing probes for environmental applications (Marylou Tercier-Waeber).

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Eric Bakker is the 2014 recipient of the RSC Robert Boyle Prize in Analytical Science.

Eric Bakker is the 2019 recipitent of the Simon-Widmer award in Analytical Science.



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Group Members

Elena Zdrachek (Research and teaching fellow)

Nicolas Layglon, Kye J. Robinson (post-doctorants)

Polyxeni Damala, Tara Forrest, Tanguy Gressard, Anika Hoffmann, Gabriel Junquetti Mattos, Pitchnaree Kraikaew, Canwei Mao, Robin Nussbaum,  Yoshiki Soda, Nikolai Tiuftiakov (doctoral students)

Ayian Speck, Yaotian Wu (Master trainees)

Marylou Tercier (senior scientist), Thomas Cherubini (lab technician), Guy Lecoultre (technician), Magali Cissokho (secretary)



Analytical Chemistry I autumn (second year course)

Analytical Chemistry I spring (second year course)

Analytical Chemistry II spring (third year course)

Advanced Analytical and Instrumental Chemistry spring (Masters course)

Analytical Chemistry Teaching Laboratory Course for Biochemists

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Course for Chemists