Mary-Lou Tercier Waeber's research


Dr Mary-Lou Tercier Waeber

Senior Scientist
Analytical and Environmental Chemistry
Chemical sensors
Dept. of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
Sciences II, 30 Quai E.-Ansermet, 1211 Geneva 4
Phone: 0041-22-3796048
E-mail: Marie-Louise.Tercier(at)


Research Activities and Competence:

Development and optimization of:

  • on-chip microsensors and mini/micro integrated analytical systems enabling the measurement of specific metal species or group of metal species in complex media
  • individually addressable microsensor arrays and probe enabling real time measurements of concentration micro-profiles
  • portable and submersible sensing probes for in situ autonomous and simultaneous measurements of potentially bioavailable trace metal species in aquatic systems  

Application in laboratory, on site and in situ of the analytical tools and methodologies developed to:

  • study the complexation of trace metals by the natural ligands (organic and inorganic species, colloids and particles) and the trace metal speciation in environmental media (rivers, lakes, ground-waters, estuaries, sea waters, sediments, soil)
  • monitor the temporal and spatial evolution of trace metal speciation in the aquatic systems as a function of the bio-physicochemical conditions
  • study synergistic interaction between trace metals and phytoplankton communities/abundance
  • monitor the flux of trace compounds at natural interfaces (sediment-water, bio-films)
  • evaluate water quality and give timely appropriate warning/alarm in case of significant/sudden increase of (priority) hazardous chemicals.

Complementary measurements with traditional laboratory techniques for the characterization and validation of the analytical tools and methodologies developed and the interpretation of the in situ measurements of trace metal speciation.

Organization and participation to multi-disciplinary field campaigns

Teaching activities:

  • Analytical Chemistry teaching laboratory course for Chemists and Biochemists
  • Direction of master thesis


Other activities:

Referee for peer-reviewed scientific journals:

  • Environmental Science and Technology
  • ACS sensors
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
  • Sensors and Actuators B
  • Analytica Chimica Acta
  • Electroanalysis
  • International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry
  • Environmental Science and Pollution Research
  • Field Analytical Chemistry and Technology


Referee for scientific proposals:

  • US National Science Foundation – Division of Ocean Sciences (NSF – OCE)
  • Natural Environment Research Council – UK
  • ANR: Agence nationale de la recherché – France.



2020-2022: “DEEPTRACE: Full-ocean trace metal mapping probe”. Eurostars project.

(UNIGE PI,Work Package leader)

2018-2019: “MEPHY: Novel sensing tools to study synergic interaction between trace metals and phytoplankton”; EU-H2020-INFRAIA-JERICO NEXT.

(Project coordinator; UNIGE PI).

 2014-2017: “In-situ Sensing Tools for Understanding Rapid Microscale Plankton Dynamics”, SNF Sinergia project (UNIGE co-applicant).

 2013-2017: “SCHeMA: Integrated In Situ Chemical Mapping Probes”; EU-FP7-OCEAN.2013-2: Innovative multifunctional sensors for in situ monitoring of marine environment and related maritime activities.

(Project Coordinator; Work Package leader; UNIGE PI).

 2014-2015: “WATERLENS”, European Spatial Agency (ESA) - Water Availability: Improved Monitoring, Forecasting and Control of Water Availability, Quality and Distribution, (UNIGE PI).

2011-2014: “Metal Bioavailability to Aquatic Photosynthetic Organisms in Changing Environment”, SNF-BioChEn. (Co-applicant).

2011-2012: “MIR ELEMO: Etude des Eaux du Léman”. Fondation pour l’étude des eaux du Léman.(UNIGE PI of the project: Trace metal speciation in the Vidy Bay).

2008-2011:"MOBESENS: Mobile Water Quality Sensor System": EU-FP7: ICT for
Environmental Management and Energy Efficiency.

2005-2008: "ECODIS: Dynamic Sensing of pollution Disasters and Predictive Modelling of their ecological impact: ECODIS": EU-FP6 Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development; Key action: Technologies and risk assessment in pollution disaster areas. (UNIGE co-applicant; Work Package leader)

2001-2004: "BIOSPEC: Sensor development for routine prediction of metal biouptake in freshwaters and soil solutions: BIOSPEC". EU-FP5 Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development; Key action: Sustainable management and quality of water.

(UNIGE co-applicant)

2000-2003: "IMTEC: In situ Monitoring of Trace Metal speciation in Estuaries and Coastal Zones in relation with biogeochemical processes". EU-FP5 Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development; Key action: Marine Ecosystems: Monitoring and managing coastal processes and the coastal zone.

(Scientific coordinator; Work Package leader)

2000-2002: "Development of a microelectrode array based electrochemical flow-through ultratrace analyzer". Swiss CTI Program. (UNIGE PI).

1996-1999: "Elchem: Development of voltammetric microsensors". Swiss Priority Program
MINAST on microtechnology. (UNIGE co-applicant and main investigator).

1995-1998: "VAMP: Voltammetric Autonomous Measuring Probes for trace metals in the water column (500m. max. depth) and at water-sediment interfaces (6000m. max. depth)". EU-FP4, MAST-III: Marine Science and Technology. (UNIGE main investigator).


Participation in external projects:

2004-2008: "Application of gel integrated microsensor arrays to monitor the dynamic fraction of Cu, Pb, Cd and Zn in the soil interstitial waters as a function of the growth of non- and hyperaccumulator plants ". Collaboration at the PhD thesis of J. Dessureault-Rompré, "Hyperaccumulation of Cd and Zn by Thlaspi caerulescens: the role of root exudation and risk for metal leaching in groundwater". Director : B. Nowack, Institute of Terrestrial ecology, ETH, Zurich.

2006 :         "Trace element regulation and removal by algal bloom in the surface water of lake Geneva (TERRAB - 2006)". In collaboration with the Forel Institute-Versoix-Switzerland and the INRA Institute-Thonon-France. Responsible for the in situ monitoring of trace metal speciation.

2000-2004: "Water quality assessment and protection of the Venice lagoon". Consultant for the Governmental Institutes “Magistrato alle Acque” and “Consorzio Venezia Nuova” of Venice-Italy for the analysis and speciation of the trace elements and the interpretation of the annual data banks.

1999-2000: "Development of an autonomous trace metal analyzer for real-time monitoring in estuarine and coastal waters". Project of the General Oceanic company and the SeaKeepers Society - Miami-USA : "Monitoring and protecting the health of the world's oceans by equipping yachts, vessels and platforms around the world with sophisticated ocean and weather monitoring modules". Consultant for the development, tests and optimization of an on-line metal analyzer.

1997-1999: "Development of a methodology for detecting deep metal ore deposits through physico-chemical analysis of fluids in shallow boreholes". EU Brite-EuRam program, 1997-1999. Consultant for the Département de Métallogénie et Géodynamique, BRGM - Orléans for the trace metal analysis and speciation; Responsible of the field in situ monitoring of trace metals.

1996-1998: "Mesures de Mn(II), Fe(II) et S(-II) dans des carottes de sediments par voltammétrie sur micrélectrode à gel intégré". Collaboration in a Canadian National Project - Prof. André Tessier, INRS Eaux - Québec.


Book chapters :

Tercier-Waeber M.L., Loizeau J.-L. 2016. Les micropolluants dans la baie de Vidy: source, propagation et impacts potentiels, Ch. 8, de Dans les abysses du Léman”. U.  Lemmin (Ed.), Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes. Swizerland.

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Buffle J., Tercier M.-L., Belmont C., Koudelka-Hep M., Fiaccabrino G.C. 1999. Integrated electrochemical microsensors and microsystems for direct reliable chemical analysis of compounds in complex aqueous solutions. US Patent number: 5,865,972.

Peer-reviewed publications:

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