Marcos Gonzalez-Gaitan

Clement Richard

  • PhD Student
  • Room 356b
  • +41 22 379 64 61
  • Clement-Alexis.Richard(at)


 My project is to understand the role of Calmodulin-regulated spectrin-associated proteins (CAMSAP) and Kif16Ba (Kinesin molecular   motor) in the asymmetrical division of the neural precursor cell in the zebrafish spinal cord. To observe this asymmetry, I measure the difference of microtubules densities between two daughter cells in anaphase and the repartition of Sara endosomes through these cells upon different conditions with injections of morpholinos. I use the works of (Derivery et al. 2015) and (Kressmann et al. 2015) as guidelines for my own project.


I started my studies in Biochemistry in 2012 at the University of Geneva. Then I continue with a Master in Biochemistry. During my second year of master I started an internship for my master thesis in Pr. Gonzalez-Gaitan laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Castanon.