Marcos Gonzalez-Gaitan

Geneva Physics of Biology II meeting 2016

Remarkably, some burning questions in Quantitative & Systems Biology are conceptually similar to those investigated in soft-matter physics, statistical physics, and mechanics. These questions pertain to processes at multiple scales, from single-molecule biophysics and biological network dynamics, to self-organisation, cellular mechanics, tissue growth and homeostasis during development.

The goal of the Geneva Physics of Biology 2016 international meeting is to foster interactions between physicists and cell-, molecular-, evolutionary-, developmental-biologists active at the interface between these disciplines. The meeting will first propose plenary lectures of mathematicians, theoretical physicists, and experimental physicists and biologists that are among the most outstanding and innovative researchers in Quantitative and System Biology. Four young researchers will also be offered (after selection from abstract submissions) to present their work in a talk. Finally, about 50 to 80 researchers will present their projects and research results in two poster sessions.

One expected output of the meeting is to demonstrate the enthusiasm of researchers around the world for research activities at the interface of Physics and Biology. It will also advertise the vigour of Geneva and the Lemanic region in this emerging scientific discipline.

The congress will take place in state-of-the-art facilities at 10 minutes from the centre of Geneva.

Additional information and on-line registration is available on the meeting website at:

Deadline for registration and abstract submission is October 23.

We look very much forward to meet you in Geneva.

The organisers:

  • Marcos Gonzalez-Gaitan
  • Hernan Lopez-Schier
June 23, 2016