Thierry Soldati

Our address

Department of Biochemistry

University of Geneva

30 quai Ernest Ansermet, Sciences II

CH-1211-Genève-4, Switzerland

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In the "Sciences" building, we are in room 333 (3rd floor) of Sciences II. This is the building closer to the river. You can ask the front desk at the entrance of the Sciences II building (on the left).


We do not recommend coming by car to the Sciences building which is in the center of Geneva. Due to many construction sites, driving in the city is very time consuming and it is difficult and expensive to find public parking. Here you find the directions from Google maps:

- On highway from France

- On highway from Lausanne


For the closest public parking area follow Quai Ernest Ansermet until Uni Mail [ca. 1 km, (image below, left)] or go to Rue David Dufour (image below, right).

by car.png


Before leaving the baggage claim area and passing through customs, get a free bus/tram/train ticket (valid for 80 minutes) at the machine that dispenses them:

airport machine.jpg

Then, follow the signs inside the airport to the train station. All trains stop at the Geneva main station, so just take the first one that passes and get off at the next stop (8 minutes travel). Then proceed with the next section "By train".


At the train station ("gare Cornavin"), take tramway 14, direction "P+R Bernex-Vailly". You’ll find the tram stop by going to the station entrance and turning right to walk around the building, until a tunnel where the tram stop is.

Unless you got a tram ticket at the airport, you should buy at the machine a "Tout Genève" ticket (bus and tram drivers don’t sell tickets).

Get off the tramway at the stop “Jonction”, and proceed with the next section: “Walking from the tram stop “Jonction” to the Sciences II building”).

For tram/bus maps and timetables, see the TPG website and, more specifically, the timetable of trams 14 from the station to "Jonction".

Walking from the tram stop "Jonction" to the Sciences II building (click for map with itinerary)

From the tram stop, walk towards the river (the tram coming from the station is going in this direction), and just before the river turn left on Quai Ernest-Ansermet. Walk in this direction (upriver) for 300 metres, until the entrance of the Sciences II building (see the picture on top of this page).