A "Cell" workshop in virtual reality at the Bioscope

In January, the CVI (Center for Immersive Visualization) opened its doors to 13 students of 4eOS biochemistry accompanied by their biology teacher from Sismondi high school for the new workshop "Cell" at the Bioscope.

After a short introduction on the cell and its components, the students discovered, through different experiments, the organization of the animal cell. By experimenting the mechanisms of cellular response in virtual reality and by diving into the architecture of the centriole in the CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment), the students were able to immerse themselves in the world of the cell thanks to different VR headsets and to understand the role and the importance of each organelle.

This workshop, named “Cellule”, can be booked for middle school classes in the canton of Geneva via the Bioscope website.

3 Feb 2023