Description 14B670

Any student enrolled in the Bachelor of Biology programme may carry out laboratory internships of varying duration, and ECTS credits may be validated by the Section.

It is up to the student to make the necessary arrangements with professors or researchers in the Section, or outside the Section (Faculty of Medicine, other institution, private company), to find a placement opportunity (for example during the holidays). Please note: the teachers or researchers of the Biology Section are not obliged to offer internship places.

A laboratory internship can be validated according to the following rules


  • a maximum of 6 ECTs can be validated per title (bachelor, master);
  • the request for validation of ECTS credits must be addressed to the secretariat of the Biology Section BEFORE the beginning of the internship via the internship pre-attestation form;
  • AFTER the internship, the validation of ECTS credits requires a written attestation from the person in charge of the internship containing a summary description of the work carried out, an assessment of the student's work, and an indication of the actual volume of work done (start and end dates of the internship and total number of hours);
  • Paid internships do not qualify for ECTS credits;
  • At Master level, the prior agreement of the Master director or the head of the orientation is required.

ECTS credits are calculated by the Section's academic advisor on the basis of 6 ECTS for a one-month full-time internship (160 to 180 hours). These credits can be taken into account in the credits of the free choice courses of the Bachelor or Master in Biology. However, the Section awards a maximum of 6 ECTS per internship, even if the duration of the internship exceeds one month.