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Alexandre JOLLY

Alexandre JOLLY

PhD Researcher (Oct. 20 - present)

R4b, Sciences II

I was born in a big family of seven in Belgium and raised to discover the world through my family’s knowledge in the beginning . Afterwards, I had the chance to get in-depth expertise by my own experiences. I build my knowledge through the years with the envy to transmit it one day. 

 I obtained my BSc in Bio-engineering, orientation in chemistry in 2018 and my MSc in Bio-engineering, Chemistry and bio-industries in 2020 with a focus on bio-molecular science and genetics. Both degrees where obtained at UCLouvain in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. I had the chance to specialize in enzymology, with courses of catalysis and photochemistry. My master thesis suited me specifically because it combined those three areas with the study of Chlorella variabilis Photodecarboxylase

During those years, I also had the chance to work on two different iGEM projects ( UCLouvain iGEM team 2017: Bactasun and UCLouvain iGEM team 2018: Bact Wars). The iGEM competition brings together young researchers from all over the world to defend their research project in the field of genetics. Those team projects gave me the opportunity to improve my biology and English communication skills.

I have now the opportunity to continue my development with a PhD in Ross Milton’s team at UNIGE.

Beside the research, I’ve the chance to assist undergraduates in their education. I think that an inspiring teacher or assistant can completely change the perception of a class.    

In Belgium, I’ve had the chance to work with 12-16 years old dys-abled students (dyscalculic, dysgraphic, dyslexic and dysorthographic). I’ve also had the chance to tutor bachelor students at the UCLouvain in Chemistry and Earth Sciences. Teaching and supporting students is a really rewarding and pleasing activity for me. Furthermore, I’m convinced that supporting a better education can lead to greater projects in the future.