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PhD Researcher (Oct. 20 - present)

166, Sciences II

I grew up in Milan, Italy. The first time I left my home was during high school, when I was selected to be an exchange student for an entire scholastic year in Oregon, Usa. So far, this has been the most powerful, life-changing experience of my life: it made me grow as a person and it taught me how curiosity can open your eyes and enrich your life. Curiosity is a trait that has led me directly to science as an academic pursuit and career path.

In 2019, I graduated at the University of Milan, majoring in Chemical Science.

I obtained a bachelor’s degree in chemistry specializing in Organometallic Chemistry. Afterwards, during my master’s degree program, I took different classes where I studied coatings, interface and surface chemistry. Such studies opened my mind to the fascinating field of applied electrochemistry. As a result, I chose to focus my master’s thesis project on corrosion processes and characterization techniques applied to metal alloys.

Once graduated, I was hired by a multinational corporation as chemical analyst, where I became confident with chromatographic techniques (GC and HPLC). This experience also helped me honing my precision, organization and team working skills.

After that job, I worked as a research fellow at Ca’ Foscari, University of Venice. My research work focused on the development and application of an electrochemical sensor, based on molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) for the determination of per-fluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) in real water sample.

These experiences taught me that studying and conducting research are endeavors I would like to engage in even more. This is the reason why I decided to pursue my career as a PhD Student in Milton’s Group. I am glad to work in a dynamic environment and to join an international research group. I truly believe in the importance of my Ph.D. project for further applications. Moreover, this project will give me the opportunity to keep working in the field of electrochemistry and to advance in the scientific understanding of this topic.