Teaching and Outreach

Teaching activities

  • MSc Chemistry: Inorganic chemistry IIIa - Bioinorganic chemistry (14C022) - 14 hrs - autumn
    • Introduction to bioinorganic chemistry, common cofactors
    • O2 storage and transport (myoglobin, hemoglobin)
    • O2 reduction (multi-copper oxidases)
    • Bioenergetics (free energies, redox "tower")
    • Electron transport theories (Inner-sphere ET, Marcus theory)
    • Biological electron transfer (redox cofactors, bacterial photosynthetic reaction center, protein environment, bifurcation)
    • Bioelectrochemistry (protein/enzyme electrodes)
    • Biological nitrogen fixation (nitrogenase)



  • BSc Chemistry: Chimie minérale II (Inorganic chemistry II) (13C002) - 42 hrs - autumn
    • Chemical reactions in inorganic chemistry (reaction rates, mechanisms and laws)
    • Substitution reactions around metal centers (stability constants, crystal/ligand field, angular overlap, Jahn-Teller effect, interelectronic repulsion, stereochemistry of substitution reactions)
    • Electron transfer reactions (inner-sphere, outer-sphere, self-exchange, cross-reactions, classical/semi-classical Marcus theory, kET vs. distance, intro to biological electron transfer)



  • BSc Chemistry: General chemistry practical sessions for BSc Biology students (11C901 A) - Autumn 2019

Outreach Activities

  • Podcast about Nitrogenase, featured on The Royal Society of Chemistry's "Chemistry World"
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