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07/10/2005 Oppolzer Lectures 2005

20/10/2005 Dr Simone Tortoioli   Acid and Base-Catalyzed Thiolysis of 1,2-Epoxides in Water and Solvent-Free Conditions

24/10/2005 Prof. David A. Leigh   Tooling Up for Nanoworld: The Magic of Molecular Machines

27/10/2005 Dr Damien Jeannerat   NMR at the department - The service and a quick tour of standard (COSY, HSQC, NOESY, etc.) and less standard (Diffusion, etc.) experiments

31/10/2005 Mme Gabriela Frei   Gemstones and Chemistry - Diamonds are not Forever

03/11/2005 Prof. Stefano Maiorana   Metal-conjugates of Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNA)

Roman Arvaï   Application of Arene Chromium Tricarbonyl Complexes to the Synthesis of Biologically Active Compounds

10/11/2005 Dr Sandrine Gerber   New efficient strategies for the asymmetric synthesis of long chain polyketides and analogues

17/11/2005 Prof. Samuel H. Gellman   Structure and Function in β-Peptide Foldamers

18/11/2005 Prof. Hervé This   Les chimistes nous feront-ils manger des tablettes nutritives ?

Prof. Samuel H. Gellman   New Approaches to the Study of Higher Order Structure in Polypeptides

24/11/2005 Dr Graham Cumming   From Acremolactone A to Pyrrolidines - Studies on the Epoxidation and Aziridination of Dihydropyrans

01/12/2005 Prof. Jieping Zhu   From simple isonitrile to complex heterocycles and macrocycles

08/12/2005 Dr Tomohiro Miyatake   Self-Assembly of Zinc Chlorins that Mimics Natural Light-Harvesting System

13/12/2005 Prof. David N. Reinhoudt   From Supramolecular Chemistry to Nanofabrication

19/12/2005 Prof. Jacques Weber   Modélisation et simulation en chimie: l'avènement des sciences computationnelles

12/01/2006 Prof. Justin Du Bois   Drawing Inspiration for Reaction Design from Nature's Products

13/01/2006 Prof. Donna G. Blackmond   Kinetic and Mechanistic Studies of Proline-Mediated Transformations

16/01/2006 Dr Martial Saugy   Derniers développements analytiques et juridico-sportifs liés à la lutte anti-dopage

19/01/2006 Prof. Stefan Hecht   Designing Helically Folding Macromolecules - From Scaffolding to Responsive Systems

26/01/2006 Dr Hiroyuki Tanaka   Synthesis and Application of Optically Active Naphthalene Oligomers

01/02/2006 Visite des Labos de la Section de chimie   la Section de chimie ouvre ses labos aux collégien-ne-s, gymnasien-ne-s, lycéen-ne-s

Prof. Bernd Giese   Chemistry at a Distance: Electron Transport through DNA and Proteins

06/02/2006 Dr H. Watzke   Food as Soft Materials: New Approaches in Food Science

09/02/2006 Dr Jonathan Nitschke   Construction, Substitution, and Sorting using Subcomponent Self-assembly

14/02/2006 Dr Peter O'Brien   Basic Instinct: Chiral Diamines for Asymmetric Synthesis

15/02/2006 15 conférenciers (CH, EU)   Chimie Analytique et Ecotoxicologie

16/02/2006 Prof. Helma Wennemers   Peptides - Molecular Recognition, Catalysis, Cleavage

20/02/2006 Prof. Serafino Gladiali   Asymmetric Hydrogen Transfer Reduction

23/02/2006 Prof. Tim J. Donohoe   New Catalytic Reactions Designed for the Efficient Synthesis of Natural Products

24/02/2006 Prof. Tim J. Donohoe   The Reduction of Aromatic Compounds: Mechanism, Stereochemistry and Application

02/03/2006 Prof. Olivier Riant   Chiral Metal Hydride Complexes for Enantioselective Catalysis

06/03/2006 Dr Christian Starkenmann   La chimie des odeurs de la transpiration humaine

09/03/2006 Prof. Alain Krief   Original Syntheses of Selenols and Selenides from Tertiary Alkyl Halides and from Primary Alkylthiols

16/03/2006 Prof. Christof M. Niemeyer   Semisynthetic DNA-Protein Conjugates: Applications in Biomedical Diagnostics and Nanosciences

21/03/2006 Reto STOCKLIN   Venom Proteomics

22/03/2006 Prof. Stefan Matile; Prof. Claude Piguet   Tête-à-Têtes de Sciences Moléculaires

23/03/2006 Dr Kangying Li   Copper catalyzed tandem asymmetric conjugate addition-trapping reaction in the presence of chiral phosphorimidite ligands

30/03/2006 Dr Mihai Barboiu   Supracombimat: a new Methodology Toward Functional Materials

03/04/2006 Dr François Lazeyras   Fonctions cérébrales évaluées par imagerie et spectroscopie RMN

06/04/2006 Prof. Philip Page   New Organocatalytic Systems for Asymmetric Epoxidation

10/04/2006 Prof. Jürgen-H. Fuhrhop   Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Yoctowells as Receptors

13/04/2006 Dr Xavier Urbaneja   Palladium-Catalysed Intramolecular Alkenylation of Enolates and Related Nucleophiles. Synthetic Approaches to Strychnopivotine and Calyciphylline A

24/04/2006 Prof. Joseph Gal   Stereochemical Terminology: History, Use and Misuse

27/04/2006 Prof. Jean-Pierre Déprés   Total synthesis of natural terpenoids containing the bicyclo[5.3.0]decane skeleton

04/05/2006 Dr Joëlle Prunet   Metathesis and 1,3-Diols: Application to the Synthesis of Natural Products

05/05/2006 Dr Ivan Huc   Folding, dynamics and assembly of helical biomimetic architectures

11/05/2006 Dr John M. Brown   Mechanism-based Adventures in Homogeneous Palladium Catalysis

18/05/2006 Prof. Marc Lemaire   Modification of BINAP, the How and the Why

22/05/2006 Prof. M. Collart, Dr M.-A. Bagnoud après l'Uni? Conférence-débat et remise des Prix ScG (Y. Bernard, F. Schappler), Ciba (D. Emery) et Syngenta (A. Huber)

26/05/2006 Drs H. Eisen, S. Heinemann, M. Buscaglia, P. Nef, J.-M. Matter, V. Ossipow   Conférence en l'honneur du Professeur Marc Ballivet

01/06/2006 Prof. Robert H. Crabtree   N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes: Synthesis, Properties and Applications in Catalysis

Samuel Constant   Coordinating Hexacoordinated Phosphorus Anions for Stereoselective Applications

12/06/2006 Prof. Christian Bochet   Photons et neutrons: les oubliés de la chimie organique

15/06/2006 Prof. Maurizio Prato   Applications and Challenges in the Organic Functionalization of Carbon

19/06/2006 Dr Michito Yoshizawa   Self-Assembled Coordination Cages as a Molecular Flask for Chemical Transformation

20/06/2006 Dr. Yves Ellinger   L'astrochimie quantique : une discipline à la frontière de la chimie et de l'astrophysique

22/06/2006 Prof. Anthony P. Davis   Sticky Claws and Cages: Biomimetic Receptors for Anions and Carbohydrates

26/06/2006 Prof. Carlos F. Barbas   Enzymes, Antibodies, and Organocatalysis: Rediscovery of the Rich Life of Amines

29/06/2006 Prof. Peter Hofmann   Hydroformylation: from Theory, Mechanism and HT-Screening to Novel Lead Structures for Highly Efficient Catalysts

30/06/2006 Prof. Kazuhiko Nakatani   Molecular Ligands Binding to Mismatch DNA, Telomere, and Trinucleotide Repeats

13/07/2006 Ségolène Gille   Nouvelles amines chirales pour la catalyse asymétrique

31/08/2006 10th European Powder Diffraction Conference (EPDIC-10)

06/09/2006 Jérôme Vachon   Non-Racemic Nitrogen-Based Cations in Asymmetric Chemistry

21/09/2006 Prof. Alan Spivey   The Total Asymmetric Synthesis of Bioactive Amaryllidaceae Alkaloids

Benoît Laleu   Atropisomerism about sp3-sp2 Bonds: Supramolecular Stereocontrol and Design of New Chiral Scaffolds

28/09/2006 Prof. Benjamin F. Cravatt   Chemical Strategies for Functional Proteomics, Part II

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