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02/10/2006 Prof. Alfredo Ricci   Bifunctional Organocatalysts: Versatile Tools for Asymmetric Synthesis

Nicolas Fuchs   Recherche de nouveaux substrats pour l'addition conjugée asymétrique catalysée par le cuivre

06/10/2006 Oppolzer Lectures 2006

12/10/2006 Prof. Takeo Kawabata   Memory of Chirality and Nucleophilic Catalysis for Fine Molecular Transformation of Amino Acids and Sugars

20/10/2006 Prof. Akira Kawamura   Natural and Synthetic Molecules as Magic Bullets for Biomedical Research

26/10/2006 Prof. Craig Hawker   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

06/11/2006 Dr Frédéric Besançon   Chimie à risque, nécessité chimique ou commerciale ?

09/11/2006 Dr Jonathan W. Burton   The Changing Faces of Halogenated Marine Natural Products

10/11/2006 Manisankar Sau   Chromium Mediated Arene Transformations: Cyclohexenones, Fused Ring Systems and Cyclopropanations

16/11/2006 Dr Véronique Gouverneur   Discovery, Understanding and Application of a Novel Fluorination Reaction

23/11/2006 Dr Patrick Matthias   The transcription factors OBF-1 and Aiolos regulate the silencing and nuclear repositioning of the lambda5 gene locus

Prof. Pat Guiry   Recent Developments in Asymmetric Catalysis - Green Chemistry from Ireland

24/11/2006 Luc Martinon   Utilisation de complexes η6-arène chrome tricarbonyle à chiralité planaire dans des réactions tandems catalysées par des métaux de transition

27/11/2006 Prof. Alexandre Mauron   Université – industrie : un couple à problèmes mais qui ne divorcera pas

28/11/2006 Maurice Cosandey, Prof. Stefan Matile, Prof. Claude Piguet   Chimie Pratique et Chimie Moderne

30/11/2006 Prof. Paolo M. Scrimin   Gold Nanoparticles as Nanozymes and Protein Sensors

Svetlana Litvinchuk   Synthetic Pore Sensors as Molecular Tongues

07/12/2006 Dr Nathalie Solladié   From Biology to Material Sciences

14/12/2006 Prof. René Peters   Towards Practical Catalytic Asymmetric Methodologies for Rapid Access to
High-Added-Value Building Blocks

Thomas Seidel   α-Alkyl-ortho-hydroxybenzylamines:
Building Blocks for New Chiral Ligands for Asymmetric Catalysis

15/12/2006 Prof. Marc L. Snapper   Beyond Olefin Metathesis: New Ruthenium-Catalyzed Transformations

18/12/2006 Dr Damien Jeannerat   Benefits of computer-optimized spectral aliasing and DFT calculations for molecular structure determination in complex mixtures

20/12/2006 Prof. E. Vauthey (introduction/présentation)   Visite des Labos de la Section (Collège Rousseau): Spectroscopies et Spectrométries

18/01/2007 Dr Tony James   Boronic Acids in Molecular Recognition

22/01/2007 Prof. Jérôme Lacour   Comment mettre son grain de sel en synthèse et catalyse asymétrique ?

25/01/2007 Prof. Thorsten Bach   Regioselective Cross-coupling and Metalation Reactions on Heterocycles - Applications to Natural Product Synthesis


01/02/2007 Dr. Sara M. Butterfield   Molecular Recognition by Design : From β-Hairpins to Cavitands

05/02/2007 Dr Sijbren Otto   Bringing Supramolecular Chemistry to Life

Dr Yery A. Mendoza   La Sécurité Occupationnelle, Véhicule de l'Amélioration dans les Grandes Entreprises

08/02/2007 Dr Andreas Herrmann   pH Changes in Water. A Trigger to Control the Release of Volatile Organic Compounds by Chemical Bond Cleavage

15/02/2007 Prof. Manfred Mutter   Switch-Peptides for the Study of Fibrillogenesis in Neurodegenerative Diseases

22/02/2007 Dr Pascal Auffinger   On the Importance of Modeling Accurately Intermolecular Interactions in Biomolecular Systems

05/03/2007 Prof. Igor S. Dmitriev   Liberty, Labor, and Duty: Dmitrii Mendeleev, Chemist and Economist

09/03/2007 R.R. Schrock (Nobel 2005), R. Schlögl, K.A. Joergensen, M. Poliakoff, Sir J.M. Thomas   Modern Aspects of Catalysis

15/03/2007 Dr Philip A. Gale   Molecular Recognition and Structural Studies

21/03/2007 Prof. Eric Vauthey; Prof. Howard Riezman   Tête-à-Têtes de Sciences Moléculaires

22/03/2007 Prof. Antonio M. Echavarren   The Mechanistic Puzzle of Platinum and Gold: Catalyzed Cyclizations of Enynes and Beyond

28/03/2007 Prof. Helena Grennberg   Organic Chemistry in the Nanoworld: Supramolecular Systems and Carbon Nanotubes

29/03/2007 Prof. Marta Catellani   Advancements in palladium-catalyzed coupling reactions involving C-H activation

19/04/2007 Prof. James W. Canary   Platforms for Molecular Devices: Stereodynamic Coordination Complexes and Nylon-DNA

20/04/2007 Prof. Kyoko Nozaki   New Metal Catalysts for the "Organic Synthesis" of Polymers

23/04/2007 Dr Jonathan Nitschke   De la Simplicité à la Complexité : Étudier et Comprendre les Règles d'Auto-Assemblage

26/04/2007 Dr Christian Bruneau   Tailoring Ruthenium Catalysts for Regio- and Enantioselective Allylation of Nucleophiles

03/05/2007 Prof. José Luis Mascareñas   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

07/05/2007 Prof. Amos Bairoch   Remise du Prix Jaubert 2006 (Prof. Bairoch) et remise des Prix aux lauréats de la Section

16/05/2007 Magali Vuagnoux-d'Augustin   Copper Catalyzed Asymmetric Conjugate Addition to Various Michael Acceptors. Constructors of All-Carbon Quaternary Chiral Centres

Prof. Simon Woodward   Organic 'Couplings' via New Metallic Chemistry of Al, Ni, Cu and Zn

21/05/2007 Prof. Colin Nuckolls   Bridging The Gap Between Lithographic Processes and Reaction Chemistry

22/05/2007 Prof. Kenso Soai   Asymmetric Autocatalysis and Discrimination of Cryptochirality

24/05/2007 Prof. Marcel Mayor   Integrated Functional Molecules

25/05/2007 Prof. Vladimir Dimitrov   Chiral Ligands for Enantioselective Organozinc Additions to Aldehydes

31/05/2007 Prof. Andy Wilson   New Building Blocks for Molecular Recognition: From DNA Bases to α-Helices

07/06/2007 Prof. Frank Glorius   N-Heterocyclic Carbenes in Catalysis and Further Reactions

11/06/2007 Prof. Katharina Fromm   Silver Coordination Compounds: A Licence to Kill?

19/06/2007 Prof. Y. Nakatani   Présentation des Bourses pour Jeunes Chercheurs de la Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

20/06/2007 Prof. Lyle Isaacs   The Cucurbit[n]uril Family

21/06/2007 Prof. Yaroslav Filinchuk   Synchrotron radiation in chemistry: a view from the Swiss-Norwegian Lab in Grenoble

Prof. David Harrowven   Syntheses of (-)-Colombiasin A, (-)-Elisapterosin B and Cavicularin

28/06/2007 Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg   Success Stories & Challenges in Directed Protein Evolution

02/07/2007 Dr Manuel Alcarazo   Stereoelectronic Modulation of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes. Applications in Asymmetric Catalysis and Total Synthesis

Dr Laurent Chabaud   Chirality Transfer in Synthesis: from 1,2-Stereocontrol to Chemical Allostery

Dr Clément Mazet   Dual Activation for the Catalytic Conjugate Addition of Cyanide to alpha,beta-Unsaturated Imides by Tethered Catalysts

Dr Wesley Moran   Development of Asymmetric Syntheses of Novel Atropisomeric Compounds

03/07/2007 Dr Milan Balaz   Conjugated Porphyrin Dimers for Two-Photon Excited Photodynamic Therapy

Dr Sara Eisler   Self-Assembling Dendrimers for Gene Transfection

Dr Andreas Zumbuhl   Healing by Killing – Antifungals and RNA Interference Therapy

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