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23/08/2007 Prof. Paolo Tecilla   Self-Organized Fluorescent Sensors

Virginie Gorteau   Regulated Transport with Synthetic Ion Channels and Pores: Anion Selectivity, Ligand Gating and Blockage

26/08/2007 Bottom-Up Approach to Nanotechnology

28/08/2007 Dr. L. H. Tong   Supramolecular Assemblies of Porphyrin Trimers and C60

02/09/2007 Organic Chemistry. Target Synthesis: Challenges, Strategies and Methods

07/09/2007 Prof. Jan H. van Esch   Orthogonal Self-Assembly of Hydrogelators and Surfactants: Towards New Multicompartment Nano-Architectures

10/09/2007 ECIS 2007 - 21st Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society

Dr. G. Vijay Nair   Novel C-C and C-Heteroatom Bond-Forming Reactions Mediated by Nucleophilic Heterocyclic Carbenes (NHCs) and other Nucleophiles

14/09/2007 Oppolzer Lectures 2007

20/09/2007 Prof. Carsten Bolm   Asymmetric Catalysis - Simple and Easy

21/09/2007 Sarah Mosse-Sulzer   Chiral Amines as Organocatalysts for Asymmetric Conjugate Addition

27/09/2007 Prof. Philip Kocienski   The Synthesis of Ionomycin

01/10/2007 Prof. Amir H. Hoveyda   New Catalysts and Concepts for Stereoselective Olefin Metathesis

Dr Hans Senn   Metabolomics: Concepts and Applications to Drug Development

05/10/2007 Prof. Yoshihisa Inoue   Entropy-Controlled Chiral Photochemistry

08/10/2007 Dr Henri Doucet   Recent Advances in Pd-Catalyzed C-C Bond Formation Using Mono or Polydentate Ligands

10/10/2007 Prof. Yasuhiro Uozumi   Heterogeneous Organic Reactions in Water with Amphiphilic Polymeric Catalysts

11/10/2007 Prof. Stephen Marsden   From Quaternary Asymmetric Centres to Heteroaromatics

18/10/2007 Prof. Ir. Jurriaan Huskens   Molecular Printboards: Versatile Supramolecular Platforms for the Assembly

19/10/2007 M. Guillaume Bollot   Modélisations de Pores Artificiels à Architecture-β/-π et de Cyclisations Cation-Oléfine

29/10/2007 Dr Kelly Velonia   Protein-Polymer Bioconjugates: Giant Soaps Acting as Nanoreactors

01/11/2007 Prof. Walter Leitner   Green Solvents for Catalysis - From Molecular Understanding to Reaction Engineering Concepts

16/11/2007 Prof. Yukishige Ito   Synthetic Approaches to Glycoprotein Function

19/11/2007 Prof. Denis Duboule   L'Évolution Moléculaire; une Discipline du 21e Siècle?

21/11/2007 Prof. Tsuneo Imamoto   New P-Chiral Phosphine Ligands for Asymmetric Catalysis

Alvaro Enriquez Garcia   Synthetic Studies on Fused π-Arene Complexes and on Tetralindione. Development of a New Asymmetric Acylation Catalyst

22/11/2007 Dr Mireille Blanchard-Desce   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

28/11/2007 Prof. Alan E. Rowan   Single Molecules: Cataysis and Motion

04/12/2007 Dr Krishna P. Kaliappan   Nature to Natural Products and Natural Product Like Molecules

Dr Raghavan B. Sunoj   Inviting Experiments Through Applied Quantum Chemistry - Paradigms from Stereoselective and Mechanistic Organic Chemistry

06/12/2007 Prof. Jean-Louis Reymond   Peptide and Glycopeptide Dendrimer Models of Proteins

Marie Hutin   Construction, Rearrangement and Chiral Induction in Copper(I)- and Boron-templated Imino-compounds

07/12/2007 David Schultz   Subcomponent Self-Assembly and Dynamic Reassembly of Metallo-organic Structures

10/12/2007 Prof. Roger Alberto   Facettes of Bioorganometallic Technetium and Rhenium Chemistry in Imaging and Therapy

13/12/2007 Prof. Iain Coldham   Developing Efficient Stereoselective Methods for the Synthesis of Cyclic Amines

Helena Gonçalves-Farbos   Recent Developments on the Enantioselective [1,2]-Stevens Rearrangement

14/12/2007 Prof. James P. Morken   Catalytic Synthesis with Organoboron Reagents

20/12/2007 Prof. Jon Clardy   New Natural Compounds

Prof. Dominique Pestre   La réalite de la science d'aujourd'hui: 1: Penser les régimes de science en société

10/01/2008 Prof. Hélène Lebel   Nouvelles réactions d'amination

15/01/2008 Ms Selcan Tuncel   New Ternary Magnesium Intermetallics and their Physical Properties for the Selected Compounds

Prof. Masato Kitamura   Mechanisms of Noyori Asymmetric Olefin Hydrogenations

24/01/2008 Prof. Stephen Clark   Total Synthesis of Bioactive Ether-Bridged Marine Diterpene Natural Products

31/01/2008 Dr Jean-François Nierengarten   Chemical Modifications of Fullerenes for Photovoltaic Applications

14/02/2008 Prof. David Hodgson   New Approaches to Azacycles

20/02/2008 Section de chimie et biochimie   Visite des Labos de la Section

21/02/2008 Dr Mireille Blanchard-Desce   From Molecular to Supramolecular Engineering for Multiphotonics and Related Applications

25/02/2008 Prof. Marcos González-Gaitán   Endocytosis and Signaling: Development, Cell Biology and Biophysics

28/02/2008 Prof. René A.J. Janssen   Organic and Polymer Solar Cells

06/03/2008 Dr Anny Jutand   Recent Insights in the Mechanisms of Palladium-Catalyzed Reactions

13/03/2008 Prof. Magnus Rueping   Asymmetric Counterion Catalysis with Chiral Brønsted Acids

20/03/2008 Prof. Christoph A. Schalley   From Anion Binding to Chiral Assemblies: Supramolecular Chemistry in the Gas Phase, in Solution, and at Interfaces

31/03/2008 Prof. Michel Grenon   L'origine de l'eau sur Terre: un scénario exceptionnel. Suivi de la remise des Prix aux lauréat-e-s de la Section

03/04/2008 Prof. José Luis Mascareñas   Synthetic Strategies Based on Metal-Catalyzed Cyclizations and Cycloaddition Reactions

Prof. Philippe Ducor   La science d'aujourd'hui: 2. Breveter la science aujourd'hui : défis et paradoxes

09/04/2008 Prof. Laura Gagliardi, Prof. Oliver Wenger   Tête-à-Têtes de sciences moléculaires

17/04/2008 Prof. Leif Hammarström   Controlling Electron Transfer in Artificial Photosynthesis

21/04/2008 Prof. Marcey L. Waters   Designed Peptides: From Sequence to Structure to Function

Prof. Nicola Armaroli   Energy for the XXI Century: Where Are We Going?

22/04/2008 Prof. Nicola Armaroli   Luminescent Materials: From Basic Science to Lighting Applications

28/04/2008 Cyril Nicolas   Synthesis and Applications of Highly Stable Ion-Symmetrical Heterocyclic Carbenium Ions

06/05/2008 Prof. Nicos A. Petasis   Elements for Discovery: From New Reactions to New Bioactive Molecules

08/05/2008 Prof. Dave Haddleton   Glycopolymers and Protein Bioconjugates from Living Radical Polymerisation and Click Chemistry – New Opportunities

Benjamin Le Droumaguet   Design and Synthesis of Novel, Functional Polymer-Protein Nanoarchitectures

09/05/2008 Prof. Brian K. Shoichet   Predicting Substrates for Targets and Targets for Drugs

15/05/2008 Prof. Varinder K. Aggarwal   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

23/05/2008 Prof. P. Andrew Evans   Total Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Products using Rhodium-Catalyzed Allylic Substitutions

27/05/2008 Cristallographie chimique

28/05/2008 Cristallographie chimique

29/05/2008 Prof. Atsuhiro Osuka   Metallation of Expanded Porphyrins: Unprecedented Reactivities and Unique Electronic and Structural Properties

30/05/2008 Prof. Atsuhiro Osuka   Synthetic Chemistry of Novel Porphyrinoids

23/06/2008 Dr Uwe Schneider   Catalytic Activation of Boron Reagents with Low Oxidation State Indium Catalysts for Carbon-Carbon Bond Transformations

25/06/2008 Dr Gilles Guichard   Helical Foldamers and Cyclic Oligomers as Templates for the Design of Functional Peptide / Protein Mimetics

Federico Mora   Synthetic Approaches to the Engineering of Artificial beta-Barrel Pores: From Hydrophilic Anchoring to Histidine Tagging

03/07/2008 Daigoro Mori   Toyota’s Recent Progress on Hydrogen Storage Technologies

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