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10/09/2012 M. Prodipta Pal   Photophysical properties of Samarium(II) doped into inorganic crystals : effect of chemical environment, external pressure and temperature

11/09/2012 Prof. Thomas Jüstel   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

25/09/2012 Mme Mahshid Chekini; M. Harekrishna Ghosh; M. Marius Koch; M. Romain Letrun; Mme Sabine Richert; M. Piotr de Silva; Mme Xiuwen Zhou   Voir programme pdf

23/10/2012 15 internationally recognised lecturers   2012 Louis-Jeantet Symposium

Prof. Sylvie Roke   The origin of the unsually large charge of the surface of neutral water

29/10/2012 Dr Matthias Kamber   Doping in sports: Scientific, legal, financial and social challenges

30/10/2012 Prof. Dage Sundholm   Coupled-Cluster Studies of Electronically Excited States of Biochromophores

06/11/2012 Prof. Eric Collet   Out-of-equilibrium photoinduced spin-state switching in molecular solids studied by ultrafast x-ray and optical techniques

12/11/2012 5 conférenciers de renom international   Architecture Moléculaire

13/11/2012 Prof. Jean-Pierre Sauvage   From Chemical Topology to Cages and Molecular Machines: the Transition Metal Approach

19/11/2012 Prof. Stylianos Antonarakis   Genomes, Evolution, and Human Disorders

20/11/2012 Dr. Sophie Canton   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

22/11/2012 Dr. Benedetta Carlotti   Solvent effect on the excited state dynamics of push-pull styrylpyridinium derivatives

Prof. Hannu Häkkinen   The gold-sulphur nano-interface: Self-assembled thiolate monolayers, thiolate-protected clusters and molecular junctions on gold

23/11/2012 M. Stefan Knoppe   On the Stereochemistry of Atomically Defined Gold Clusters

M. William Herzog   Transferts couplés d'électrons et de protons entre des systèmes hydroquinones/pyridines et phénols/pyridines et un métal de transition d6

26/11/2012 Prof. Corinne Vebert   DNA hybrid copolymers

27/11/2012 Prof. Vincenzo Barone   Toward a robust and user friendly multi-frequency virtual spectrometer

28/11/2012 Prof. Stéphane Petoud   Polymetallic Lanthanide Compounds Emitting in the Visible and in the Near-infrared for Biological Imaging: Dendrimer Complexes and Metal-organic Frameworks

04/12/2012 Prof. Jean-Pierre Sauvage   a) Transition metal assembled molecular knots
b) From molecular squares to cages

05/12/2012 Prof. Jean-Pierre Sauvage   Multicomponent transition metal complexes:from charge separation to light-driven motions

06/12/2012 Prof. Jean-Pierre Sauvage   Catenanes and rotaxanes in motion: towards molecular machines

10/12/2012 Prof. Mischa Bonn   Label-free Biomolecular Spectroscopy at Model Membranes

11/12/2012 M. Alastair Cunningham   Bottom-up Organisation of Metallic Nanoparticles for Metamaterials Applications

19/12/2012 M. César Beuchat   Computational Study of Lanthanide and Actinide Compounds

17/01/2013 4 distinguished lecturers and a selection of 14 PhD students   Geneva chemistry and biochemistry days 2013

24/01/2013 M. Giovanni Li Manni   New Methods to Treat Strongly Correlated Systems

28/01/2013 Prof. Yann Seimbille   Positron Emission Tomography: Principles and molecular imaging probes

14/02/2013 Dr Eric Clot   DFT Studies of Transition-Metal Catalyzed C-H Functionalization

18/02/2013 Prof. Kay Severin   Contributions to the chemistry of boronic acids and nitrous oxide

19/03/2013 Prof. Christian Ley   From photophysics to polymer : Squarylium-triazine dyads as highly sensitive red light photoradical generator

25/03/2013 Prof. Ivan Rodriguez   Chemical senses: From genes to behavior

08/04/2013 Prof. Dr Alois Fürstner   Remise des Prix aux lauréat-e-s 2013 de la Section
et Prix Jaubert 2012

09/04/2013 Dr. Pablo Campomanes   Chemical Compounds in Biomolecular Environments : Spectral Properties and Mechanistic Insights from QM/MM Molecular Dynamics Simulations

23/04/2013 Dr. Josef Kapitan   Raman optical activity instrumentation : is there left any room for improvement in detection sensitivity ?

26/04/2013 M. Pradip Chakraborty   Thermal and Photo-induced Spin Switching Dynamics in Fe(II) Spin-crossover Complexes : Tuning the Cooperative Effects

06/05/2013 Dr. Hans Hagemann   Experimental and theoretical studies of potential inorganic materials

07/05/2013 Dr. Marcel Drabbels   Spectra of cold molecular ions from hot helium droplets

14/05/2013 Dr. Atsushi Urakawa   Towards sensitive and selective spectroscopic detection by modulation excitation technique and multivariate analysis

23/05/2013 Prof. Yves Geerts   A Chemist Approach to Order in Organic Semiconductors

29/05/2013 Prof. Yves Le Mest   Transfert électronique et réactivité de sites Cuivre sous contrôle supramoléculaire biomimétique

06/06/2013 Dr. Kaori Sugihara   Lipid self-assembly and its applications

Dr. Stefan Ochsenbein   Spins in colloidal ZnO quantum dots

Dr. Grazia Gonella   Soft matter(s) : Molecular monolayers & colloidal particles probed by second harmonic light generation & scattering

Dr. Javier Miguel Sanchez   Fiber cavity spectroscopy of quantum dots

Dr. Kislon Voitchovsky   Atomic force microscopy at the solid-liquid interface : learning from a nanoscale crowd control problem

10/06/2013 Prof. Thierry Soldati   Infecting amoebae with mycobacteria to study conserved mechanisms of innate immunity

11/06/2013 Prof. Piotr Piecuch   The Cobalt-Methyl Dissociation and Electronic Transitions in Methylcobalamin : Insights from Coupled-Cluster, Multireference Perturbation Theory and DFT Calculations

12/06/2013 Prof. Zheng WANG   Self-assembly behavior and biological application of amphiphilic photochromic azo diblock copolymers

21/06/2013 Dr. Tatiana Domratcheva   Computational studies of electron tunneling in sensory proteins and DNA repair

15/07/2013 Prof. Hans Riesen   On the spectroscopy of emerald : from conventional spectroscopy to spectral-hole burning and slow light experiments

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