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16/08/2007 Dr Peter Vassilev   The role of a lysosome-associated multifunctional protein in Ca2+-dependent membrane trafficking and formation of networks of nanotubular extensions

26/08/2007 Bottom-Up Approach to Nanotechnology

10/09/2007 ECIS 2007 - 21st Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society

12/09/2007 Cleiton Martins de Souza   Multiple Functions of Sterols in Yeast S. cerevisiae

13/09/2007 Katarina Trajkovic   Ceramide triggers budding of vesicles into multivesicular endosomes

19/09/2007 Guillaume Castillon   budding mechanisms of sorted proteins upon ER exit in Yeast

26/09/2007 Guillaume Castillon   molecular basis for protein sorting upon ER exit in yeast

01/10/2007 Dr Hans Senn   Metabolomics: Concepts and Applications to Drug Development

03/10/2007 Dr Tatjana M.E. Schwabe   Assays to analyse regulation of GPI-anchored protein secretion andendocytic recycling of plasma membrane proteins

10/10/2007 Anna Kicheva   Kinetics and precision of the Dpp morphogen gradient in Drosophila development

11/10/2007 Dr Delphine Bernard   Two aspects of organelle biogenesis: mitochondria and lysosome

Nika Erjavec   Damage segregation and rejuvenation in yeast

12/10/2007 Dr Guido Capitani   Structural studies of protein-protein complexes from prokaryotes and eukaryotes

Debbyuty Mukhopadhyay   Function and Regulation of Long Chain Bases in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

17/10/2007 Dr Olivier Schaad   Affymetrix Data Analysis: How an image can tell you mRNA expression level

24/10/2007 Pierre Luyet   Endosome-to-cytosol export of viral nucleocapsid

29/10/2007 Dr Kelly Velonia   Protein-Polymer Bioconjugates: Giant Soaps Acting as Nanoreactors

31/10/2007 Prof. Reika Watanabe Castillon   Diversity of ER protein exit in mammalian cells

05/11/2007 Dr Alan Tartakoff   Zygote Genesis in Yeast

06/11/2007 Dr Thomas Hannich   The Role of Lipid Methylation in C. elegans development

07/11/2007 Dr Franck COUMAILLEAU   SARA endosomes ensure directional transport of Notch/Delta during asymmetric cell division

12/11/2007 Paulo Ronchi   Transmembrane domain-dependent protein sorting within the Endoplasmic Reticulum

13/11/2007 Dr Sylvain LOUBERY   Actin and molecular motors in the intracellular transport of endocytic compartments

15/11/2007 Dr Ursula LOIZIDES   Antizyme, a mediator of ubiquitin-independent proteasomal degradation and its inhibitor modulate centriole amplification

19/11/2007 Prof. Denis Duboule   L'Évolution Moléculaire; une Discipline du 21e Siècle?

21/11/2007 Prof. Howard Riezman   Manipulating eucaryotic lipids to discover their functions

Dr Bianca Habermann   Of RiDDLE and HMMerThread: a story on building bioinformatics resources for gene knock-down and protein function studies

27/11/2007 Dr. Felix Naef   Studying circadian clocks with modeling and comparative genomics

Prof. Andreas Mayer   The dynamics of a lysosome: Membrane fusion, organelle fragmentation and compartment homeostasis

28/11/2007 Dr Thierry SOLDATI   Dictyostelium as a model system to study innate immunity phagocytes

04/12/2007 Dr Philipp Ternes   Sphingomyelin Synthase-Related Proteins - Surprises in the Early Secretory Pathway

05/12/2007 Prof. Jean Gruenberg   Transport within the endosomal system

10/12/2007 Prof. Roger Alberto   Facettes of Bioorganometallic Technetium and Rhenium Chemistry in Imaging and Therapy

12/12/2007 Prof. M. Gonzalez Gaitan   Endocytosis during morphogenesis: Approaches

20/12/2007 Prof. Dominique Pestre   La réalite de la science d'aujourd'hui: 1: Penser les régimes de science en société

14/01/2008 Mme Marie-Hélène Blanchet   New Roles for Cripto in the Assembly and Localisation of Nodal Signalling Platforms

15/01/2008 Ms Selcan Tuncel   New Ternary Magnesium Intermetallics and their Physical Properties for the Selected Compounds

16/01/2008 Dr Monica HAGEDORN   Nonlytic ejection of pathogenic mycobacteria from its host is crucial for cell to cell spreading

23/01/2008 Hirohito Haruki   Development of new chemical inhibition technique: Anchor away method

25/01/2008 Prof. Harald Stenmark   The role of endosomal sorting in downregulation of growth factor signalling

Pierre-Philippe Luyet   Dynamic Properties of Endosomal Membranes : Implications for Endocytic Sorting and Viral Infection

30/01/2008 Dr Karine Laulagnier   Tight link between lysosomes and the plasma membrane

07/02/2008 Antje Kuhrs   A genetic screen for factors involved in Sara function

13/02/2008 Dr Thomas FALGUIERES   Budding of intralumenal vesicles into late endosomes: a process regulated by Alix and Tsg101

20/02/2008 Dr M. Taylor   The ongoing search for factors involved in glycophosphatidyl-inositol anchored protein exit from the ER

Section de chimie et biochimie   Visite des Labos de la Section

25/02/2008 Prof. Marcos González-Gaitán   Endocytosis and Signaling: Development, Cell Biology and Biophysics

27/02/2008 Dr Cameron SCOTT   On Ion Flux and Endosomal Membrane Dynamics

05/03/2008 Mrs Claudia Campos   Sara signalling in zebrafish development

19/03/2008 Miriam Essid   The exocyst complex in Dictyostelium: Localisation and functional characterization

31/03/2008 Prof. Michel Grenon   L'origine de l'eau sur Terre: un scénario exceptionnel. Suivi de la remise des Prix aux lauréat-e-s de la Section

02/04/2008 Ben Brankatschk   SNX16 & MAPK signaling from endosomal compartments

03/04/2008 Prof. Philippe Ducor   La science d'aujourd'hui: 2. Breveter la science aujourd'hui : défis et paradoxes

09/04/2008 Prof. Laura Gagliardi, Prof. Oliver Wenger   Tête-à-Têtes de sciences moléculaires

16/04/2008 Dr Maximilian Fuerthauer   SARA endosomes ensure directional transport of Delta / Notch during asymmetric cell division

21/04/2008 Prof. Nicola Armaroli   Energy for the XXI Century: Where Are We Going?

23/04/2008 Ortrud Wartlick   growth control in imaginal disc development

07/05/2008 Junichi Nishikawa   Dissection of the Nucleopore-Promoter Interaction (Nup-PI) in Yeast

15/05/2008 Ana Moraleda Merlo   Immunoprecipitation of the Sara complex: Looking for new partners

27/05/2008 Cristallographie chimique

28/05/2008 Cristallographie chimique

04/06/2008 Sharon Epstein   The role of sphingolipid chain length in physiology

16/06/2008 Ludwig Berland   Membrane deformation induced by Shiga Toxin: A minimal system to characterize an endocytic pathway

17/06/2008 Dr Gregory Emery   Endocytosis regulates asymmetric cell division in the Drosophila nervous system

18/06/2008 Fabrizio Vacca   NPC1/NPC2 proteins and cholesterol exit from late endosomes

02/07/2008 Sabine Abke   SARA endosomes and endocytic trafficking in the zebrafish neuroepithelium

03/07/2008 Daigoro Mori   Toyota’s Recent Progress on Hydrogen Storage Technologies

07/07/2008 Miwa Takahashi   Live cell modeling project and Cholesterol controls lipid endocytosis through rab11

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