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26/08/2007 Bottom-Up Approach to Nanotechnology

09/09/2007 Frontiers in Photochemistry

10/09/2007 ECIS 2007 - 21st Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society

25/09/2007 Prof. Christel Marian   Singlet-Triplet Coupling in Photobiologically Relevant Chromophores

Dr Victor I. Klimov   New Insights into Nanocrystals Electronic Structures through Single Particle and Ultrafast Spectroscopies

01/10/2007 Prof. Mark Maroncelli   Solvation Dynamics: Fundamentals & Measuring Techniques

Dr Hans Senn   Metabolomics: Concepts and Applications to Drug Development

02/10/2007 Prof. Mark Maroncelli   Solvation Dynamics: From Simple Liquids to Biological Systems

17/10/2007 Prof. Josef Michl   Surface-Mounted Dipolar Molecular Rotors

23/10/2007 Prof. Samuel Leutwyler   Excited-state hydrogen and proton transfer along hydrogen-bonded wires

29/10/2007 Dr Kelly Velonia   Protein-Polymer Bioconjugates: Giant Soaps Acting as Nanoreactors

05/11/2007 Prof. Tito Scaiano   Interaction of Cyanine Dyes with DNA: Fluorescence, Computational Studies and Regulatory Applications

19/11/2007 Prof. Denis Duboule   L'Évolution Moléculaire; une Discipline du 21e Siècle?

04/12/2007 Dr Krishna P. Kaliappan   Nature to Natural Products and Natural Product Like Molecules

Dr Raghavan B. Sunoj   Inviting Experiments Through Applied Quantum Chemistry - Paradigms from Stereoselective and Mechanistic Organic Chemistry

10/12/2007 Tiphaine Penhouët   Etude Cristallochimique et Spectroscopique de Nouveaux Matériaux Optiques Potentiels

Prof. Roger Alberto   Facettes of Bioorganometallic Technetium and Rhenium Chemistry in Imaging and Therapy

11/12/2007 Prof. Claudia Wickleder   New luminescent materials

14/12/2007 Alexandre Fürstenberg   Ultrafast Excited-State Dynamics in Biological and in Organised Environments (soutenance en français)

18/12/2007 Jacob Grilj, Jakub W. Kaminski, Mia Milos, Nathalie Dupont   Séminaire interne de chimie physique

20/12/2007 Prof. Dominique Pestre   La réalite de la science d'aujourd'hui: 1: Penser les régimes de science en société

15/01/2008 Ms Selcan Tuncel   New Ternary Magnesium Intermetallics and their Physical Properties for the Selected Compounds

29/01/2008 Prof. Paul S. Bagus   The Physical and Chemical Origins of Work Function Changes Induced by Adsorbates

31/01/2008 Dr Jean-François Nierengarten   Chemical Modifications of Fullerenes for Photovoltaic Applications

12/02/2008 M. Gilles Lemercier   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

19/02/2008 Prof. Pekka Pyykkö   La classification périodique

20/02/2008 Section de chimie et biochimie   Visite des Labos de la Section

25/02/2008 Prof. Marcos González-Gaitán   Endocytosis and Signaling: Development, Cell Biology and Biophysics

26/02/2008 Prof. Jan-Peter Toennis   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

Prof. Andreas Savin   Using Wave Functions and DFT

28/02/2008 Prof. René A.J. Janssen   Organic and Polymer Solar Cells

04/03/2008 Dr. Johannes Neugebauer   Chromophore-Specific Theoretical Spectroscopy for Functional System-Environment Assemblies

10/03/2008 Prof. David R. Klug   Solar Energy Conversion : Physical Limitations and Practical Solutions

28/03/2008 M. Prashant Madhukar Adkine   Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Study of Spin Delocalization in some Paramagnetic Systems Containing Heteroatoms

31/03/2008 Prof. Michel Grenon   L'origine de l'eau sur Terre: un scénario exceptionnel. Suivi de la remise des Prix aux lauréat-e-s de la Section

03/04/2008 Prof. Philippe Ducor   La science d'aujourd'hui: 2. Breveter la science aujourd'hui : défis et paradoxes

09/04/2008 Prof. Laura Gagliardi, Prof. Oliver Wenger   Tête-à-Têtes de sciences moléculaires

17/04/2008 Prof. Leif Hammarström   Controlling Electron Transfer in Artificial Photosynthesis

21/04/2008 Prof. Nicola Armaroli   Energy for the XXI Century: Where Are We Going?

02/05/2008 Prof. Donald G. Truhlar   Quantum Photochemistry : Coupled Potential Energy Surfaces and Nonadiabatic Dynamics

05/05/2008 Prof. Donald G. Truhlar   DFT : Density Functionals with Broad Applicability for Main Group and Transition Metal Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Kinetics and Noncovalent Interactions

19/05/2008 Prof. Lars Pettersson   The structure of liquid water

21/05/2008 Prof. Lars Pettersson   Chemical bonding at surfaces

23/05/2008 Prof. Gustavo Scuseria   Screened density functionals for solid state chemistry

27/05/2008 Cristallographie chimique

28/05/2008 Cristallographie chimique

17/06/2008 Dr Gilles Lemercier   Molecular and Molecular Material engineering for linear and nonlinear optical (NLO) properties; applications of two-photon absorption

03/07/2008 Daigoro Mori   Toyota’s Recent Progress on Hydrogen Storage Technologies

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