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24/08/2008 Molecular Modeling for the Solution of Chemical Problems

22/09/2008 Dr Michel Gubelmann   Acid catalysis - a journey through industrial organic chemistry

06/10/2008 Prof. Jan-Peter Toennis   Superfluid Helium Droplets I: Chemical Dynamics at Subkelvin Temperatures

07/10/2008 Prof. Thomas Wandlowski   An Electrochemical Approach to Functional Nanostructures at Surfaces

13/10/2008 Dr Howard Flack   Il y a 160 ans, Louis Pasteur découvrait la résolution spontanée

14/10/2008 Prof. Kristine Pierloot   Applications of CASPT2 for electronically complicated situations in inorganic and bio-inorganic chemistry

21/10/2008 Dr. Valéry Weber   Toward very large time reversible Born-Oppenheimer molecular dynamics

04/11/2008 Prof. Lauri Halonen   Cavity ring-down spectroscopy and medical applications

10/11/2008 Prof. Dr Hubert Mimoun   Méthodologies catalytiques industrielles et développement durable

11/11/2008 Dr Valérie Marvaud   Photoswitchable High Spin Molecules

18/11/2008 Prof. Vincenzo Aquilanti   Quantum Studies of Elementary Processes in Atmospheric Science : Intermolecular Dimer Formation and Intramolecular Dynamics

25/11/2008 Prof. Anne-Clémence Corminboeuf   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

26/11/2008 Prof. Alan Williams, Dr Theo Berclaz   Les aspects modernes de la liaison chimique

02/12/2008 Prof. Thomas Gustavsson   How ultrafast spectroscopy can help us in understanding DNA photophysics

04/12/2008 Dr. Antoni Llobet   RU-Water Oxidation Catalysts and Tomorrow's Imminent Energy Crisis

09/12/2008 Prof. Vincenzo Barone   Computational Spectroscopy : From Small Semirigid Molecules in the Gas Phase to Large Flexible Systems in Condensed Phases

12/12/2008 M. Adil Matni   Etude par Résonance Paramagnétique Electronique de la formation et de la stabilisation d'intermédiaires paramagnétiques dérivés d'iminophosphoranes

16/12/2008 Dr. Christophe Danelon   Molecular Transport and Signal Transduction by Ion Channels

18/12/2008 Prof. Dirk M. Guldi   Carbon Nanostructures – Integrative Components in Multifunctional Molecular Materials

26/01/2009 Prof. Laura Gagliardi   Modeling novel compounds related to renewable energies

30/01/2009 Oppolzer Lectures 2009

17/02/2009 Prof. Tim Clark   Simulating FRET in Biological Systems and SHG in Cell Membranes

03/03/2009 Dr. Volker Deckert   Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy - Molecular Identification on the Nanometer Scale

11/03/2009 Section de chimie et biochimie   Visite des Labos de la Section

16/03/2009 Mme Angela Punzi   Development and Applications of Nonlinear Optical Techniques for Investigating Ultrafast Processes at Liquid Interfaces

17/03/2009 Prof. Anne-Clémence Corminboeuf   DFT Accuracy and Molecular Design Driven by Chemical Concept

23/03/2009 Prof. Jean-Marc Triscone   New phenomena at oxide interfaces

24/03/2009 Prof. William H. Miller   Electronically non-adiabatic effects in molecular dynamics

08/04/2009 Dr Hans Hagemann, Dr Thierry Soldati   Tête-à-Têtes de sciences moléculaires

20/04/2009 Remise des Prix aux lauréat-e-s de la Section

28/04/2009 Dr. Max Lawson   Gaining insight into the physico-chemistry of transition metal systems : some illustrative applications of DFT

04/05/2009 Dr Georg Feger   Biopharmaceuticals: past – present – future

08/05/2009 Prof. Makoto Fujita   Self-Assembly and Functionalization of Molecular Spheres

15/05/2009 Prof. Arieh Warshel   Multilevel Modeling in Biophysics and Chemistry

18/05/2009 Prof. Arieh Warshel   Modeling Light Induced Photochemical and Photobiological Reactions

19/05/2009 M. César Beuchat; M. Georgios Fradelos; Mme Oksana Kel; M. Prodipta Pal   Voir programme pdf

25/05/2009 Prof. Joseph Gal   Mauve: a color that changed chemistry, medicine and history

26/05/2009 Prof. Bo Albinsson   Electron and energy transfer reactions in designed donor-bridge-acceptor systems

04/06/2009 M. Alfredo Vargas   Characterization of Spin-Crossover and Related Transition Metal Complexes within Density Functional Theory

10/06/2009 Francesco Paolucci   Electrochemistry of Carbon Nanostructures:From Pristine Materials to Molecular Devices

Elisabeth Verpoorte   Leveraging Microfluidics for Analytical Innovation in the Life Sciences

Eric Bakker   From Smart Materials to Chemical Sensors

Maria Minunni   Biosensors as an Innovative Analytical Tool

Martin Pumera   Electrochemical Nanobiosensors and Biochips

11/06/2009 Prof. Eric Borguet   Single Molecule Charge Transfer at Interfaces

Prof. Thomas Bürgi   Shining light at working interfaces and chiral nanoparticles

Dr Philipp Kukura   Novel optical tools for biological nanoscopy

Prof. Ruth Signorell   Spectroscopic Properties of Aerosols and Their Molecular Origin

Prof. Oliver Wenger   Photoinduced Chemistry with Protons and Electron

16/06/2009 M. Yves Bernard   Avoiding Heisenberg with Certainty

06/07/2009 Mme Natalie Banerji   Photoinduced Electron Transfer : From a Fundamental Understanding to Potential Applications

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