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24/09/2018 Prof. Clément Mazet   (Remote) Functionalization by Alkene Isomerization

25/09/2018 Prof. Cyril Ruckebusch   A chemometrics view of photochemical data

02/10/2018 Dr. Patric Oulevey   Shaped ultra-fast pulses for Low-Frequency Raman Spectroscopy and Imaging

09/10/2018 Several distinguished speakers   Symposium Louis-Jeantet 2018

29/10/2018 Dr Corsin Battaglia--- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

05/11/2018 Maria Tsemperouli   Free-standing lipid bilayers : Recent research advances and applications

19/11/2018 Dr Ágnes Dienes-Nagy   L’importance de l’azote, du vignoble jusqu’à votre verre

04/12/2018 Dr. Jérémie Léonard   Engineering vibrational coherence in ultrafast photoisomerization

06/12/2018 Prof. Michael Mayer   Single Protein Biophysics inside Nanopores with Fluid Walls

Maria Tsemperouli   Black lipid membranes: Investigation of their properties and their application in the characterization of active membrane components

10/12/2018 Prof. François P. Gabbaï   Sensing fluoride and cyanide anions in water using main group Lewis acids

18/12/2018 I. Markovic Milosevic, R.D. Milton, A. Fürstenberg, T. Joshi, T. Ngoc Nguyên   Conférences de concours au poste de professeur-e assistant-e

17/01/2019 Geneva Days: David J. Craik, Katharina M. Fromm, J. Justin Gooding, Kai Johnsson, Rasmita Raval, and 20 Junior Speakers   Geneva Chemistry & Biochemistry Days 2019

28/01/2019 A. Fürstenberg, A. Shalit, S. Richert, T. Adachi, J. Cyran   Conférences de concours au poste de professeur-e assistant-e

Prof. Chiara Cordero   Chemistry and Food: exploring hazelnuts aroma complexity by Multidimensional Analytical approaches

30/01/2019 Prof. Raz Jelinek   Polydiacetylene: from color sensing to organic-electronics


22/02/2019 Annelies Sels   Atomically precise metal cluster building blocks

26/02/2019 Dr. Igor Schapiro   Understanding isomerization reactions - Insights from hybrid QM/MM simulations

11/03/2019 Prof. Leonardo Scapozza   Synthesis of New Aminopyrazole Analogues against Leishmaniosis: A University-DNDi Open Synthesis project

15/03/2019 Aurélien Roux   Common mechanical principles of biological surfaces deformation from lipid membranes to epithelia

02/04/2019 Dr. Daniel Kattnig   Magnetosensitivity beyond the Radical Pair "Mechanism"

23/04/2019 Prof. Robin Perutz   Photochemistry of metal hydride complexes inside an NMR spectrometer: Breaking the speed limits of NMR

24/04/2019 Roberto Diego Ortuso   Polydiacetylenes: from monomers to application

29/04/2019 Dr. Corsin Battaglia   Materials Innovation for Next-Generation Batteries

07/05/2019 Prof. Richard J. Saykally   Probing Complex Interfaces (review of the methods we employ, including "DUV SHG, XAS, soft X-ray SHG with FELs)

13/05/2019 Prof. Eric Allémann   Osteoarthritis: Is surgery the only way? Chemistry and pharmaceutical science may bring new solutions

28/05/2019 Joseph Samuel Beckwith   Data Analysis in Transient Electronic Spectroscopy

19/06/2019 Prof. Christoph Weder   Stimuli-Responsive Supramolecular Polymers

Roberto Diego Ortuso   Characterization of polydiacetylene for the detection of forces in membranes

24/06/2019 Prof. Puru Jena   Clusters as Building Blocks of Energy Materials : A paradigm shift in materials design

12/07/2019 Dr. Xiuwen Zhou   Predicting the emission efficiency of phosphorescent emitters in OLEDs

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